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Iran Oil &Gas Conference

14-15 March 2017, Organized by International Business House (IBH)
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Location: Azerbaijan Baku
Date: 3/14/2017

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It is exciting to see that Iran is currently opening up after two decades of sanctions, which are now being gradually lifted. This presents a huge opportunity for major oil companies, investors and our most prominent international clients looking for the next, and probably one of the last, big emerging market play. Timely to this important market development, we are proud to bring you a high-profile large-scale 2 day event in Baku for the international oil and gas community.

Why Baku?
Throughout its history, Azerbaijan has played an important role in the development of the trade and transportation routes through connecting Europe and Asia (West, North as well as South and Central). Azerbaijan has been linked with oil for centuries and modern Baku becoming a vital centre in the region for the exchange of ideas about new energy and transportation projects and for further discussion of prospects of boosting cooperation in the energy sector.

The Iranian oil and gas industry today is faced by a range of critical issues, many of which you will be discussing at this Conference. The highlights include: the strategies and plans of the Iranian Government for developing the oil & gas industry in Iran; ways to attract investment into the oil & gas sector; the development of infrastructure; innovation and taxation; field development; energy supply; security and political issues, as well as the overview of the petrochemical sector of Iran.

At the event senior officials from the Iranian Government and top executives from both international and Iranian oil & gas companies will discuss their strategies for the future in light of the rapidly changing global energy system. They will debate the potential of the Iranian energy sector and bring you updates on how the key projects are progressing. Join them and you will also hear what lessons were learned to date, how challenges were faced and what solutions were found, and what planned future developments are.

The event will provide an essential meeting place for the highest level of global oil and gas companiesí directors, leading oilfield service providers and contractors, financial institutions and trading companies, government officials and industry experts. It will be the perfect platform to develop new project solutions and to enhance energy cooperation.

- Shine the spotlight onto Iranian energy sector
- Identify trends in country's energy sector development
- Provide an overview of the investment climate
- Analyze the export capabilities of Iranian hydrocarbons
- Promote Iran as a potential main oil, gas and petrochemicals route to Middle East, Asia and Africa
- Help companies to understand in more detail the intricacies of the Iranian energy market
- Establish a working platform for meetings and networking between national and foreign companies

The FIRST IRAN OIL & GAS CONFERENCE comes at a crucial time as the country is facing the challenge of ensuring sustainable growth against a new political and economic background.

We invite you to join the event, learn more about Iranís energy sector and search for solutions, to meet it's biggest challenges and to capitalise on it's huge opportunities.

Oil Field Services: Oil & Gas Companies

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