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Global Petroleum Show 2017

13-15 June 2017, Organized by Dmg Events Global Energy
Location: Canada Calgary
Date: 6/13/2017

Organizer: Dmg Events Global Energy
Tel: (403) 209-6532
Fax: (403) 245-8649

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Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is back in its 49th year. GPS is one of the largest energy events in the world, held in the heart of the energy capital of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Gathering over 50,000 registered attendees from 100 countries and featuring over 1,500 exhibiting companies, GPS is the meeting place for over 18,000 national & independent oil companies and service companies, who wish to learn about market prospects, explore new innovations, network, and source new business.

During this pivotal, evolutionary period for the oil & gas sector, it’s never been more vital to re-connect with your global industry. From upstream to downstream, GPS provides a forum where business gets done.

Additionally, Global Petroleum Show offers a wide variety of noteworthy conferences, seminars, education, and networking events. These include:

SPE Canada Technical Workshop | June 13 – 15 | Stampede Park

Presented by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, these one of a kind workshops will focus on enhancing the life-cycle of thermal wells and unconventional field development. Hear from industry professionals as they tackle these important topics.

Separate Registration Required

NextShale 2017 | June 14 – 15 | Upper BMO Hallo D, Stampede Park

Navigating the Future of Unconventional Resources. The NextShale Conference will serve to recognize the challenges and advancements in the global shale industry and provide insights into how Canada and the United States can position itself to be competitive players on the global energy stage.

Ticket purchase required: $425.00 plus GST

Indigenous Conference on Energy & Mining | June 14 – 15 | Hyatt Calgary

In partnership with the Indigenous Center of Energy and dmg::events, this forum is designed to focus on understanding and sharing issues important to Indigenous peoples.

Focusing on “Empowering Connections,” this conference will start off with a “Spotlight on Indigenous Leaders” from around the world with various viewpoints on energy development. The speakers will utilize their Indigenous knowledge and focus on sharing their voices surrounding energy and projects that are important to their Indigenous community. Each section of the conference will be a mix of speakers with Indigenous leaders, leaders from energy companies (renewable energy, mining, oil and gas) with foreign and domestic governments.

Ticket purchase required: $395.00 plus GST

Low Carbon Innovation Forum | June 13 – 14 | Agrium Western Event Centre, Stampede Park

The world is steadily moving towards a low-carbon based economy - What will the O&G sector look like when hydrocarbons are no longer used as fuel? Join us for this insightful forum as industry experts navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, focusing on how the oil and gas sector may adapt to the changing environment. Over two afternoons we will examine ways to accelerate technological innovation, reduce risk and increase the successful commercialization of innovative technologies. Experts will focus on new business models that can help ensure success in a marketplace where investors are risk adverse.

Free to attend with your badge.

Energy Leaders Forum | June 14 | Hyatt Calgary

This must-attend forum provides the opportunity to address a global audience and share the views of energy leaders from around the globe as we discuss the importance of a global, cleaner energy strategy.

Ticket purchase required: $125.00 plus GST

“Take Charge of Your Career” Seminar Series | June 13 – 15 | Boyce Theatre, Corral Concourse, Stampede Park

The purpose of this series is to answer two questions: What is a global sustainable energy future strategy? How do we plan and implement a global sustainable energy strategy? The overall goal of the series is to reach a sustainable energy solution.

Free to attend with your badge.

SRC Technology and Innovation Theatre | June 13 – 15 | Booth #1212, BMO Hall C, Stampede Park

SRC is leading the way in applied R&D and tech commercialization. Join us as we learn about cutting-edge tech and services from forward-thinking industry influencers and experts and improve your business process efficiencies.

Heavy Oil Seminar Series | June 13 – 15 | BMO Hall D, Stampede Park

Each day at GPS you will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight from distinct 30 minute presentations from various exhibitors depicting how to increase profits from environmental monitoring, data integration, safety culture and more.

Free to attend with your badge.

Digital Oilfield Zone & Seminar Series | June 13 – 15 | Corral, Stampede Park

Stay up to date with current technology by attending this exclusive seminar series! Learn about drones, data collection, mobile software and other advanced technologies, designed to optimize your business process management.

Free to attend with your badge.

Country Market Seminar Series | June 13 – 15 | Outside BMO Hall E, Stampede Park

Don’t miss your chance to connect with the international community and gain key insights into business transactions with foreign marketplaces and global business practices around the world. A must attend event!

Free to attend with your badge.

Clean Technology Zone & Seminar Series | June 13 – 15 | Stampede Park

Broaden your industry knowledge at the Clean Technology Seminar Series and learn what the future holds for the clean and renewable energy industry, including carbon capture and storage from top industry thought leaders.

Water Innovation Zone | June 13 – 15 | Stampede Park

Join us to discover forward-thinking innovations, techniques, and strategies to optimize your operations and protect the environment. This zone will feature Applied Water Technology, Water Treatment, Hydraulic Fracturing, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Deep Well Disposal and more.

Free to attend with your badge.

Pipeline Zone | June 13 – 15 | Outdoor Exhibits, Stampede Park

Learn from the experts and see products and cutting-edge services representing various modes of the transportation supply chain. The Pipeline Zone will bring together companies offering advanced capabilities, lower costs and ubiquitous access through various offerings including containerization, storage, insurance, mileage tracking and much more.

Free to attend with your badge.

Transportation & Logistics Zone | June 13 - 15 | Upper Big Four, Stampede Park

Bringing together industry leaders in Transportation and Logistics This feature will focus on the different areas of transportation within the oil and gas sector ranging from infrastructure, vehicles and operations and how the different areas work together.

Free to attend with your badge.

Global Energy Manufacturing | June 13 – 15 | Upper Big Four, Stampede Park

Global Energy Manufacturing (GEM) provides a strategic platform for technology providers to showcase cutting-edge manufacturing solutions for North America’s oil & gas industry.

Free to attend with your badge.

Global Petroleum Show Awards | June 13 | Stampede Park

The Global Petroleum Show Awards (GPS Awards) will serve to recognize and celebrate the leaders who drive change and evolution in the energy industry through technology, corporate social responsibility, and excellence.

Ticket Purchase Required.

Opening Night Reception | June 13 | Hyatt Calgary

Channel your inner Einstein as you are immersed into the world of science at this year’s Global Petroleum Show Opening Night Reception. After a busy first day at the show, this evening is all about fun, food, networking, and something a little different.

Ticket Purchase Required.

GPS Bull Riders Invitational | June 14 | Stampede Park

Get up close and personal with the toughest show on dirt, while enjoying some food and drinks at the GPS Bull Riders Invitational. Professional Bull Riders from USA, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Mexico, compete to get to the prestigious PBR World Finals.

Ticket Purchase Required.

Industry Night Party | June 14 | Cowboys Casino

Join us after the GPS Bull Riders Invitation to meet colleagues and friends at the Cowboys Casino to enjoy a free drink and appetizers in a relaxed environment.

Free to attend with your badge.

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