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Mapna is Fully Prepared for the Construction of Small Power Plants

Source: 12/4/2017, Location: Asia

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Managing director of the Mapna group, considered water and electricity as the main infrastructure of development, said: "Today, there are significant capacities in this field in the country, and we can achieve great goals in this area with proper planning."

Dr. Abbas Ali Abadi, welcoming the recent visionary views of the president on the development of the coastal areas of Makran and the construction of several small power plants for electricity generation and sweetening, emphasized MAPNA's experiences in this regard, and the group's readiness to implement synchronous electricity generation projects And water in the country, especially on the coast of Makran.

According to the director of the MAPNA group, the implementation of simultaneous water and electricity production projects along the Makran coast can provide the infrastructure necessary for the growth and development of these areas, which has the potential for outstanding economic growth and development.

He argued that the MAPNA Group is prepared to create water desalination projects in various parts of the country, including the shores of Makran, and, in addition to meeting the need for these two strategic items, will provide employment opportunities for young people and engineers in the region.

Managing director of the MAPNA group noted that with the implementation of simultaneous electricity and water projects, capacities based on the resilient economy model are activated and with the active workforce of Iran active, domestic capacities are being employed.

Dr. Aliabadi emphasized that the MAPNA group has always emphasized the support and support of government policies to achieve the goals of the resilient economy.

It is worth noting that the MAPNA Group, based on the strategy of optimization of power generation processes in the country, with the goal of saving fossil fuels and increasing the efficiency of gas power plants, for the first time in Iran, will produce a project for the simultaneous production of electricity and water on Qeshm island with a capacity of 50 MW and 18 thousand cubic meters of fresh water has been invested in the day and after the construction has been put into operation, and now an important part of Qeshm's drinking water and electricity is provided from this project.

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