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Liquid-Solid Separation
Fluids Drilling, Completion, Workover & Stimulation

Solids control technology is used in the flocculation of water-based drilling fluids to allow the removal of solids, fines and water from the fluids by means of a chemical treatment process followed by physical separation. This chemical treatment relies on polymeric coagulants and/or flocculants to agglomerate the solids, which are subsequently separated using mechanical devices such as centrifuges.

Kemira’s organic coagulants and flocculants have been extensively and successfully used in solids control and dewatering of a large variety of water-based mud types generated from oilfields around the world. The successful treatment of the most difficult solids control and dewatering field cases over many years has provided Kemira’s technical staff with outstanding expertise in formulating treatments that yield improved performance and lower costs, on a case-by-case basis.

Advantages of our coagulants & flocculants:
Proven robustness against process variations.
Simple preparation and application.
Better solid/liquid separation.
Increased removal of low-gravity solids.
Low water turbidity, higher total solids removals.

These outstanding characteristics provide the solids control engineer with a wide range of affordable products designed to outperform any of the standard reagents currently available in the market.
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