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Drill Bits and Cutters (12)

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Modular Drills
The KenTIP modular drills are designed for rock and roller cone bit applications where tight tolerances and repeatable hole size consistency are criti...
MD high speed motor bit
Kingdream follows improvement of drilling technology tightly, and has developed new type of MD high speed motor bit suitable for directional well and ...
PDC Drill Bits
PDC bits are designed for high speed drilling in shale, limestone, and sandstone formations. Unlike roller cones, these PDC bits are a one piece matri...
Drill Bits
Insert tooth dril bits, TCI drill bits, rubber and metal sealed type. PDC bits. API Certified
TCI Bits
Tungsten carbide insert rock bits, can be written as TCI rock bits which is mainly used to drill hard and abrasive formations. ...
Milled Tooth Bits
Milled tooth rock bits or named as steel tooth rock bits, can be written as MT rock bits which are manufactured with superior quality steel, advanced ...
Tricone Bits
Tricone Bits Type: Steel tooth, TCI Standard: API certified Sizes: 3 1/2"-26"
Rock Roller Bits
Rock Roller bits is mainly used for oil & gas, mining, water well drilling. All our Rock Roller its are API certified, IADC code specs. Sizes: 3 1/2"...
Drill Bits
TCI and milled tooth, rubber rings sealing and metal rings sealing, hammer bits, PDC.
Diamond Cutters
Rugged, high quality Poly Crystalline Diamond Cutters.
Insert Bits
Insert Bits, All our equipment are API certified, IADC code specs.
Tooth Bits
Quality Tooth Bits. All our equipment are API certified, IADC code specs.

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