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Tenders and Leads Archive
Replacement of 8" dia LSFO Pipeline
Supply Ballast Tank Air Ventilation Pipes M/Tdijlah
Price Agreement for Metallic Pipe Fittings
Provision of HDPE Pipe for Water Injection Trunkline
Tubes Super Heater
Purchase of Material for FSF from Y2018 To Y2021
Drill Pipe Thread Cleaning System & Pipe Cleaning Machine
Provision of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)
Sale & Removal of SS Pipes, Fitting, Valves
Provision of Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe (RTP)
Complete Set of Scallops & Center Pipe
Pipe Fitting
Line Pipe
Pipe Fitting Materials
Flowline Replacement Activities
Tube & Tubes Bundle
Supply of Fiber Pipe & its Allied Parts & Services
Provision of Fiberglass Pipes and Fittings Project
Modification of Tube Bundles for E-2202 AF
Supply of Complete Set of Scallops & Center Pipe
Supply of Double Carcass Marine Hoses
Supply of 9996 M PIPE P.V.C
Supply of Pipes and Fitting
Supply of MS EFW IS3589 Pipes
Raising Line for 142
Trunk Line Phase 2 HFW Pipes
Hiring Fabrication Services of RCC Chamber
Supply of Refractory Items
Supply of Pipes Fitting
Clamp (Connection Pipes)
Supply of Nipple, Straight, Seamless Pipe
Tube & Tube Bundle
Supply & Installation of Cold Insulation
Procurement of HDPE Lining
Supply of Swadge Nipple Seamless Pipe
Clamp (Connection Pipes)
Perforated Pipes for (5+6) Horizontal Wells
Supply of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTGS) & Services
Complete Set of Scallops & Center Pipe
Supply of Kelly Pipes
Supply of Monel Threaded Pipe
Supply of Plug Pipe
Supply of Pipe
Supply of Pipe, Metallic, Carbon Steel
Supply of Nipple, Straight, Seamless Pipe
Line Pipe
Supply of Nipples & Plugs
Supply of UPVC / PVC Pipes
EPIC of Various Pipe Support
Supplying of MM Square Kelly
Sale& Removal of SS Linepipes
Supply & Installation of SRIP Scale Model
HDPE Liner Replacement For 10" & 16" Potable Water Lines
Supplying of 12" Line Pipe
Sale & Removal of Pipeline
Sale & Removal of Surplus Pipes
Supplying of Plate Metal & Rod
Provision of Pipelines
Construction of Flowlines
Purchase & Procures of Pipelines
Supply of Seamless Pipe
Stabilization of Sea Line Equipments
Replacement of Corroded Pipes and Valves
Assembled Automatic Manifolds
Sale of Line Pipes
Supply of Pipe
Cold Vent Line Replacement
Supply of UPVC/PVC Pipes
Supply of High Pressur Hose
Supply of Line Pipes
Flange Piping Carbon Steel
Supply Contract of Marine Hoses with Ancillaries
Supply of 6 Pipe Line
Supply of 4" Pipeline
Supply of Line Pipes
Supply of Hoses for Chemical Use
Supply of Line Pipe
Supply of Conductor Pipe
Supply of 6 Dia Pipes for Flow Line
Supply of Pipeline
Flowline Hook-Up Kits with Stocking Option
Construction of Pipeline
Supply of Pipeline
Supply of Pipe
EPIC of Barriers to Protect Overhead Pipe Bridges
Pipeline Modification Works
Fabrication & Erection of Piping Spools
Spare Plidco Split Pipe Sleeve
Sale of Used Reformer Tubes
Supply of Pipes, Fittings and Valves
Parts for "Cptdc" Kelly & Vibration Hose
Supply Tubes & Elbows for Gas Heaters
Supply of Hose Protector
Gas Pipeline & Prms Station Project
Replacement of Underground Pipelines
Supply of Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Flanges and Valves
Supply of Loading Hose
Supply of Rubber Hose Pipe
Pipe Fitting
Supply of High Pressure Hose
Supply of High Pressure Flexible Hose
Supply of Pipes, Valves and Fitting
Supply of Flexible Hoses
Supply of Line Pipe
Supply of Seamless Pipe for Heater
Supply of Tube
Supply of Pipescan Silverwing
Supply of Line Pipe
Supply of Tubing/Liner Pipe 7" 28% CRA
Supply of Pipes
Replacement of LPG Service Pipeline
Supply of Seamless Pipe Line
Supply of Pipes
Supply of Pipes
Weco Union Flowline Piping
Drill Pipes
Chain Pipe Wrenches
Crude Oil Field Manifolds
Karanpur- Moradabad- Kashipur Pipeline Project
Package of WECO Union Flow Line Piping
Supply of Conductor Pipe
Transfer Pipe Line for Zubair - FAO
Supply of Vacuum Insulation Pipe with Fittings
Supply of Line Pipes, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves 14
Supply of Pipes and Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
Supply of Line Pipes
Supply of Pipes & Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
Supply of Pipes, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Wrapping Materials and Crossing Materials
Supply of Line Pipes, Crossing & Wrapping Materials
Tender for Construction of (2) Pipeline River Crossings at Al- Basrah & Al-Muthana Governorates
Supply of Specialized Construction Equipment and Accessories for Dry Gas Pipeline
Supply of Pipes, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Wrapping Material and Crossing Material for Najaf Refinery
Pipeline Road Crossing Maintenance on a Call Off Basis in the Dukhan Fields
Supply of Line Pipes in Syria
Supply of Line Pipes
Supply of Line Pipes
Supply of Specialized Pipeline Construction Equipment And Accessories For Dry Gas Pipeline
Tender For Supply of Line Pipes, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves & Wrapping Material For DS/6

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