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Tenders for Cleaning Equipment, Services

Dead Line: 6/7/2018 >>  Bahrain
Ref: T180066 (43), Announcement Date: 5/13/2018

Tenders and Leads Archive
Hand, Cleaner, Gojo & Pvc Sheathed Conductor
Cleaning the Babel Branch
Provision of Tank Cleaning, Sludge Treatment and Management
Cleaning and Degreasing
Annual Contract of Laundry Service of Various Items
Positive Isolation of Tank 1004 for Cleaning
Cleaning and Rehabilitation of the Ponds (API) Unit
Provision of Tank Cleaning Services on FSO Unity
Provision of Industrial Cleaners
Slug Catcher Cleaning Services on call-off basis
Annual Contract of Cleaning Services
Provision of Operational & Cleaning Services
Hydro Jetting Services for 5 Years
Stocking & Supply of Rust Removing & Dismantling Compounds
Provision Catering and Cleaning Services
Provision of Catering and Cleaning Services
Provision of Catering and Cleaning Services
Provision of Catering and Cleaning Services
Providing Services for Vegetation Removal and Cleaning
Provision of Office Cleaning Services
Misc Works for Clearance of Land & Barrication
Providing Services for Cleaning of Above Ground Storage Tank
Providing Services for Cleaning
High Pressure Water Jetting Services
Provision of Catering and Cleaning Services
Vessel Clean up for DGS
Misc Works for Clearance of Land & Barrication
Provision of Catering & Housekeeping Service
Annual Contract for Repair, Maintenance and Signage Cleaning Services
Price Agreement for Studbolts, Washers & Screws
General Cleaning Service
Providing Services for Cleaning
High Pressure Cleaner
Supply of Services (Online Cleaning of Fin-Fan Coolers)
Provide Cleaning Service
Providing Service with Material for Cleaning & Dredging
Clean Trucks Maintenance Department
Cleaning Stores & Receipt
Housekeeping Service
De-sludge of Crude Oil Storage Tank TK 2101
Rehabilitation & Cleaning Basin Sedimentation
Cleaning Materials
Live Line Washing & Hand Cleaning
Cleaning & Deepening of Brega Oil and Trade Port
Annual Contract for Repair, Maintenance & Signage Cleaning Services
Providing Catering, Laundry, Cleaning & Associated Services
Providing Waste Management Services
Provision of Internet Satellite Link Service Project
Sea Water Intake Channel & Outfall Chamber Cleaning
Detergent Dispersant Additive Package for Diesel Engine Oil
Supply of Cleaning, Polishing & Wrapping Materials
Providing Sanitary Cleaners Services
Compound Cleaning/Removal of Rubbish
Grass Cutting for Entire CISF Complex
Provision of General Cleaning Services
Janitorial Services at PSO Divisional Office- Islamabad
Provision of Operation & Preventive Maintenance Services
Up-keepment / Sanitation Services
Cleaning & Surface Preparation of above Ground Storage Tanks # 204 & 205
Compound Cleaning and Tree Trimming
Grass Cutting and Compound Cleaning
Providing Grass Cutting Services
Carrying out Periodic Cleaning
Supply & Delivery of Groceries and Cleaning Materials
Providing Crude Oil Storage Tank Mechanical Cleaning System Project
Supply of Synthetic Liquid Detergent
Grass Cutting and Upkeepment of Open Area
Safety Upkeep of Product Warehouses
Cleaning Pigging of G.Konduru Region
Hiring of House Keeping/Cleaning Services
Hiring of Services For Cutting of Grass
Hiring Clean-up Services
Providing Grass Cutting and Compound Cleaning
Cleaning/Grass Cutting of Vacant Qtrs
Provision of Industrial Cleaners
Provision of Cleaning Services
Site Cleaning Services
Provision of Cleaning & Non-Hazardous Waste Collection Services
Cleaning and Office Services
Providing of Industrial Plant Cleaning Services
Water Jet Surface Cleaning Machine
Site Cleaning Services
Provision of General Cleaning Services
Providing of Office Cleaning & Services
Supply of High Pressure Water Machine
Fuel Tank Cleaning Truck
Cleaning of Various Equipment
Provision of Chemical Cleaning Services
Provision of Janitorial & Vehicle Cleaning Services
Robot Heat Exchanger Cleaning System
Steam Cleaners
Cleaning & Sweep Blasting of Tanks
Cleaning Services Using Super Sucker Vacuum Tankers
Sanitation and Cleaning Services
Hiring of Services for Chemical Cleaning
Sand Removal and Cleaning
Mellitah Tender for Provision of Catering & Cleaning Services for Onshore Fields
Handling and Cleaning Services in Albaida Field

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