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Tenders for Maintenance and Repair

Provision of IT Maintenance, Operation and Support
Dead Line: 6/6/2017 >>  Iraq
Ref: HFY-CON/IT0876-0900 , Announcement Date: 4/25/2017
Turnaround Main Mechanical (Static) Works
Dead Line: 5/31/2017 >>  Oman
Ref: 9900010545, Announcement Date: 4/17/2017
Repair and Improvement of Earthing System
Dead Line: 5/15/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/11055-AFR , Announcement Date: 4/26/2017
Maintenance Services for Fire Trucks
Dead Line: 5/14/2017 >>  Qatar
Ref: GT17102600, Announcement Date: 4/10/2017
Repairing of Ro Plant
Dead Line: 5/9/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/11322-SA.R , Announcement Date: 4/21/2017
Provision of General Maintenance Services for Production Facilities
Dead Line: 5/9/2017 >>  Iraq
Ref: HFY-CON/PD0821-0845, Announcement Date: 3/23/2017
Maintenance of Submersible Pump
Dead Line: 5/8/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: LT/11325-MM , Announcement Date: 4/19/2017
Maintenance of Roller Shutter Doors, Access Boom Barriers, Motorizedsliding Gate
Dead Line: 5/7/2017 >>  Qatar
Ref: GT17101800, Announcement Date: 3/23/2017
Maintenance of Towers
Dead Line: 5/4/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: IT/11360-AF , Announcement Date: 4/18/2017
Repairing 500IGPM KSB PMG Loading Pump
Dead Line: 5/4/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/11262-AA , Announcement Date: 4/18/2017
Maintainence & Improvement in Earthing of Tanks & Equipment
Dead Line: 5/3/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/11344-SA , Announcement Date: 4/17/2017
Repair/Service of Cos Vehicle CN-4339
Dead Line: 5/3/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/11329-AA , Announcement Date: 4/17/2017
Cold Repair of on Shell of Tank # 308
Dead Line: 5/3/2017 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/11358-AF , Announcement Date: 4/14/2017
Maintenance Services for Tyco & Siemens
Dead Line: 5/1/2017 >>  Qatar
Ref: LT17102000, Announcement Date: 4/6/2017
Maintenance Services for Heavy Lifting &Plant Emergency Equipment
Dead Line: 5/1/2017 >>  Qatar
Ref: LTC/C/MNT/2931/17, Announcement Date: 4/6/2017
Plant Elevators Repair, Maintenance, Inspection and Certification Services
Dead Line: 5/1/2017 >>  Qatar
Ref: LTC/C/MNT/2896/17, Announcement Date: 4/6/2017
Maintenance and General Services Activities
Dead Line: 4/30/2017 >>  Libya
Ref: BID840, Announcement Date: 3/30/2017

Tenders and Leads Archive
Maintenance Services of FM200 Systems
Repair of Two No. Fire Water Pumps
Provision of Pipe Maintenance
DG Sets Maintenance Service & Halfaya Power System Workshop Support
Pipeline Modification Works
Printer Maintenance
Maintenance & Technical Support Services
Repairing of 72 KW DC Drive of Molding Machine System
Servicing, Repair & Calibration of Analyzers
Annual Contract for Operation and Maintenance
Irrigation, Landscape Maintenance
Annual Maintenance and Certification of Fire Tube Boiler at LMT
Maintenance of ELV Systems
Maintenance of Stand by Generator, UPS, CBS, Ac-Dc Converter
Supply of Mobile Maintenance Equipment
Repairing of Road Blocker at Chakpirana Depot
Hardware Maintenance Service of SAP Server
Repairing & Calibration of PSVs for Boilers at Lalpir Depot
Maintenance of Earthing System of Tank Lorry Filling Gantries at KTC
Providing Servies for Maintenance Works
Annual Maintenance Contract for PLC & ESD
Charter of a Crew Boat
Maintenance of HVAC Systems
Repair and Improvement of Earthing System
Annual Preventive & Corrective Maintenance Contract
Provision of Mellitah Marine Terminal Management
Electrical and Instrumentation Maintenance
Maintenance of Mitsubishi Steam Turbines
48 Pipeline Repair Clamp
Freon Recovery, Supply & Handling, MAF Turnaround
Maintenance of Fire Alarm
Maintenance Painting & Scaffolding Works
Repairing of Battenfeld Injection Molding Machines
Oil and Gas Integrated Construction and Maintenance Services
Electrical Maintenance
Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Support Services
Overhauling & Repairing of Vacuum Pump
Maintenance Support Services of Offshore Pedestal Cranes
Electrical Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services for Fire & Rescue Ancillary Equipment
Miscellaneous Civil Maintenance
Maintenance & Support Services
Maintenance of Desalters No V-905, V-906 B,C,D & E
Annual Preventive & Corrective Maintenance
Repair of Road Blocker at PSO Tarujabba Depot
Routine Maintenance Service for Camp Facilities
GRP Piping & Equipment Maintenance Services
Maintenance Support Services
Repairing of Security Lights at Machike installation
Provision of Overhauling, Repair and Testing of Various Valves
Disposal of Old Pipe Lines
Disposal of Miscellaneous Old Items
Annual Contract of 500kva DG Set Preventive Maintenance/Servicing
Maintainence of 300 & 780 KVA DG Sets at BOT
Overhaul and Repair of Water Travelling Screens
Major Repair Work Required for Company Owned Van
Provision of Repairs Services of FSO Unity Water Ballast Tank
Maintenance and Repairing of Swing Ladders
Repair and Improvement of Earthing System
Train 3 of Wara Pressure Maintenance Project
Maintenance and Repair Work
Operation & Maintenance of Instrumentation
Operation, Maintenance & Upgrading of Scada System
Supply of Services (E&I and MISC. Maintenance Support)
Civil & Elec & Mech Maintenance Services
Maintenance Support Service for Multiphase Flow Meters
Provision of Maintenance Service
Repairing Gear Boxes Of 500IGPM Blackmor
Miscellaneous Maintenance and Repairing of Operations Control & Boiler Room at Lalpir
Provision of Maintenance Services
Repair Kit
Maintenance of Gas & Water Networks and Their Associated Services
Maintenance Services for Fields Area Roads Network
Road Maintenance Services in Ahmadi
Maintenance, Upgrade & Support of ECM and Kofax Systems
Major Repair Work
Repair & Maintenance of Pipelines
Repair of Hardstanding at T/Truck Filling Area of Gasoline Section KTA
Service for Repair of Fire Water Pump
Provision of Global Maintenance
Maintenance Support Of Power System UPS(Rebidding)
Supply, Installation and Maintenance Services
Maintenance Contract for RT Set System
Maintenance and Support Services
Maintenance Service for FM200 Systems
Printer Maintenance
Turnaround Maintenance Services
Provision of Housing Global Maintenance Services
Inspection and Maintenance of Caterpillar Diesel Engines
Supply of Services (Composite Material-FRP/GRP/GRE- Repair)
Mechanical Maintenance Services for Equipment
Supply of Services for maintenance of AWA Oil in Water Analyzer
Provision of Maintenance Service
Maintenance of Fire & Gas System
Maintenance Data Acquisition for Dukhan Operations
FM200 Cylinders Testing, Refilling and Maintenance Services
Maintenance and General Services Activities
Maintenance Contract for RT Set System
Operation and Maintenance of Steaming Network at Lalpir Depot
Provision of Skips and Garbage Removal for AP-TA 17
Supply of Ration Service for AP-TA 17
Service Water for AP-TA 17
Maintenance of HVAC and Refrigeration Equipments
Provision of Maintenance Diving Services
Handling of Radioactive Sources during Turn Arounds / Shutdown
Maintenance Support Services for Syscom SCADA Systems
Lump Sum Contract; Catalyst Cooler Refurbishment
Operation & Maintenance of Sewerage System and Treatment Facilities ATMIC
Maintenance Support Services for Wellhead SCADA System
Maintenance Services for Company Premises
Annual Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Contract for DG Set
Annual Maintenance Contract for Emerson UPS
Repair of Security Check Post #03 at KTB
Repairing &Maintenance Works of Danhumbush Air Colled Chiller
Preventive/Breakdown Maintenance &Testing/Calibration
Supply of Materials: SRIP Drag Reducing Agent Package (DRA)
Provision of Maintenance & Support Services
Annual Maintenance Service of Lotus Domino Server & Traveler Push Email Server
Maintenance Service for FM200 Systems
Annual Maintenance Contract of AC Units
Maintenance of HV Switchgear for Aromatics Plant Turnaround
Maintenance of LV Switchgear for Aromatics Plant Turnaround
Provision of Packer Maintenance Service
Repair Works of Tank # 004
Pipeline ROW Exposure Repair Work from PLKM 632.00
Building Maintenance & Civil Works
Maintenance Services for Fields Area Roads Network
Provision of Operation & Maintenance Services
Provision of Preventive Maintenance Services and Manpower
Maintenance Services for Fire & Rescue Vehicles
Maintenance of VHF System
Provision of General Maintenance Services for OML 102
Provision of General Maintenance Services for OML 99
Provision of General Maintenance Services OML 100
General Maintenance, Repair, Installation, Upgrade of Electrical & Instruments
Supply of 24 dia Pig Cups for Pigging Operations at ZOT
Providing Rope Access Services for Maintenance Activities
Provision of Operation & Maintenance Services for Medium Duty Generators
Provision of Operation & Maintenance Services for Heavy Duty Generators
AMC for Repair and Maintenance Jobs
Maintenance Support Services
Audio Visual Technical & Maintenance Support
Supply of the Over Head Line Truck
Technical Support Services for Gas Turbine Units
Support Services for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Jobs
Hiring of Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Services
Maintenance & Paving Internal Streets
Provision of DG Sets Maintenance Service
Supply of MR OLTC Maintenance Support Services
Annual Maintenance Rate Contract
Breakdown & Preventive Maintenance of High Mast Guyed Tower
Repairing of Chiyang Ali
Maintenance of Gas and Water Network
Maintenance and Repair in Various Locations
IT Maintenance, Operation & Support & Communication Services
Maintenance & Renovation Service for Warehouse and Fuel Station
Hiring Support Service for OFC Maintenance
Master Service Agreement for Physical Security System
Manpower & Equipment for Landscape Services
Hiring Unskilled Services of WCLs (Unlisted)
Provision of Vehicle Maintenance Service
Replacement & Repair of Rubber Lining of Equipment
Annual Maintenance Contract for DCS System
Annual Maintenance Contract for Tank Farm
Marine Maintenance Services
Purchase & Maintenance Services of Vacuum De-Oxygenation Tower
Maintenance Support of Power System UPS
Purchase of Maintenance Materials
Supply of Maintenance Services
Provision of General Maintenance Services
Supply of Access Control System & CCTV Maintenance
Providing RoW Maintenance Services
Turnaround Maintenance Services
Compressor Valve Refurbishment
Electrical Maintenance and Modification Works
Composite Repair Services
Maintenance of Desalination Units
Maintenance Services for Process Compressors
Gas Turbine Mechanical Maintenance Services
Repair and Calibration of Laser Alignment
Maintenance & Repair of Lighting and Earthing System
Daily Maintenance & Refurbishment
UPS Maintenance & Repair
Maintenance of Waste/Cargo Skips
Comprehensive Operation & Maintenance
Maintenance Services for Fire & Gas Instruments
Managements Assistance and Technical Support
Mechanical Maintenance Support Services at Orpic Plants
Maintenance Services at Ahmadi Hospital
Insulation Maintenance Services for Gas Operations
Shutdown Maintenance Services
Maintenance of Landscape, Indoor Plants
Maintenance Support Services
Calibration of CEMS and Monitoring of NOX Emissions
Maintenance & Repair of Fire Extinguishers
Maintenance Support Services for CCTV
SCADA Maintenance Services
Refractory Repairs and Replacement
Replacement of GRE Fire Water Pipeline
Maintenance Services for Marine Loading Arms
Landscaping Maintenance Services
Repair of Evaporation Pond
Manpower Hire for Security Equipment Maintenance
Maintenance of Mobile Stackers
Provision of MSCP Maintenance
AMC for Fire & Gas System Maintenance
Maintenance Works at Gardens & Playgrounds
AMC for Instrument Services
Provision of Maintenance of Comfort Cooling
Operation & Maintenance Of Container Terminal CT7 at MIC POR
Landscaping Development & Maintenance
Provision of Operation & Maintenance Services
Provision of Catering & Light Maintenance Services
Repair & Repainting of Oil Water Separator
Maintenance of Getinge Sterilization Equipment
Inspection & Maintenance Works
Block Agreement Drydocking & Repairs
Miscellaneous Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services for Weather Stations
Wellhead Seals Testing and Energising
Maintenance of Vehicle Crash Barriers
Supply of Maintenance Services
Marine Maintenance Services
Providing of Laundry Maintenance & Modification for Oil Field
Execution of Maintenance Project for Oil Fields
Maintenance Works of Static Equipment, Valves and Related Pipe
Civil Construction and Survey Services
Maintenance Support Services for Electric Motors
Integrated Specialized Technical Center Equipments
Maintenance Services for KIDDE Fire Trainer
Maintenance Services for Access Control Systems
Turnaround Maintenance Works
Maintenance Services and Minor Construction Works
Inspection and Maintenance Services
Water Injection Flowlines Maintenance
Maintenance Support Contract
Supplying of Maintenace Services
Supply of Pulley Lagging Services
Fire & Gas System Maintenance Services
Turnaround Maintenance Work
Repair of West Harbour
Pipeline Maintenance under Road Crossing
SAP Plant Maintenance Implementation Services
General Maintenances Services
Sewage System Maintenance
Turnaround Maintenance Works
Turnaround Shutdown Services
Instrument Support Services at Offshore Location
On-Line Maintenance Support Services
GRP Piping & Equipment Repair / Maintenance
Supply of Maintenance Service
Annual Maintenance Service Contract
Operation and Maintenance of Two Incinerato
Maintenance of Overhead Cranes
General Maintenance Services
Citrix Maintenance Contract
Maintenance and Repair Services of Pipelines
General Maintenance Services
Refractory Repairs & Replacement
Turnaround Maintenance Works
Equipment Strategy Continuous Improvement Project
Wellhead Maintenance and Associated Services
Service Contract for Fire Maintenance Systems
Maintenance for Remote Access System
Supply of Maintenance Services
Right Mix of Maintenance Strategy
Supply of General Maintenance
Services of Maintenance of Office Systems
Refurbishment of Tanks
Supply of Maintenance Service
Spares and Consumables for Maintenance
Provision of Building Repair Work
Necessary Technical Manpower
Control Systems Maintenance
Maintenance-Upgrade of Scada System
Maintenance, Repair and Renovation Work
Repair Works of Asphalt Road
Maintenance of Domestic Water Pumps
Maintenance Contract of 500KVA DG Set
Maintenance Data Acquisition for SAP PM Module
Operation & Maintenance of Water Facilities
Maintenance of Jet A-1 Fuel Hydrant Line
Integrated Facilities Management Services
Provision of Wellbore Cleanout Services
Provision of Slickline Services
Supply of General Maintenance Equipment
Miscellaneous Maintenance Services
Maintenance Support Services
Turnaround Maintenance Works
Shutdown Maintenance Works
Miscellaneous Maintenance Works
LNG Production Units Electrical Maintenance
Control Systems Maintenance
Maintenance of Forklifts & Ride-on Sweeper
General Maintenance Manpower
Maintenance Contract 4 Fire Extinguishers
Operation and Maintenance Services
Maintenance Services
Repair & maintenance of 750 KVA DG set
Periodic Maintenance, Testing, Calibration
Repair of 300 KVA DG Set
Roads and Buildings Maintenance
Diving Support Services
Replacement of Tank Shell Plates
Maintenance of Over Head Cranes
Maintenance Audio/Video Conference System
Maintenance Workshop
Routine Maintenance Services
Non-Shutdown Equipments Maintenance
Maintenance and Inspection Integration Studies
Revamping of Oil Field
Maintenance of DG Set
Crude Pipeline Repair
Maintenance Workshop Call-Off Services
Maintenance of Self Power Generation
Operation & Maintenance Service
Valve Maintenance Support Services
Fire Proofing Remedial Works
Gas Transportation Facilities Maintenance
Plant Overhaul Maintenance
Desalination Unit Maintenance & Overhauling
Tanks Maintenance & Overhauling
Wellhead Services
Refinery Deluge System Piping
Maintenance & Operation Support Services
Overhead Lines Modification
Call off Contract for Repair of Crude Oil Tanks
Maintenance Support Services
Repair Cairs#1428 on Oil Pipeline
Pipe Supports Modification
Gas Lift Plant Turnaround Maintenance
Pumps Refurbishment
Blowout Preventer Units Upgrading
Powered Water Injection Flowlines Maintenance
Maintenance of North Kuwait Production Facilities
Maintenance of West Kuwait Production Facilities
Servicing / Refurbishment of Gas Lift Valves
Provision of Field Service Engineers Contract
Pre-qualification for EMC Contracts
FPSO Maintenance Contract
Maintenance Services
Tender to Provide Fix-Wings Charter Aircrafts
Maintenance Services
Revamping Services for Production Facilities
Maintenance Services for Solar Gas Turbines
Shatirah NC-163 Facilities Maintenance Contract
Wellhead Maintenance Services
Mellitah Invited Pre-Qualification Contractors for Area C
Maintenance Services for Production and Associated Facilities
Turnaround Maintenance Works at NG Facilities Withiin Dukhan
Maintenance Painting Services at Offshore Locations

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