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Tenders for Computers & Services

Material Purchase of Laptop, Hard Drive, Memory Stick, and Monitor
Dead Line: 7/5/2017 >>  Iraq
Ref: CMIT-PRT-10.30-170102, Announcement Date: 6/11/2017

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Provision of Laptop
Industrial Computer
Purchase of Dell EMC VNX Storage
Provision of Servers Update
Procurement of Desktop Computers
Sale & Removal of Laptops, Printers, Docking Stations
Provision of Laptop, Hard Disk & Mail Server Software
Supply of Printed Computer Stationery
Desktop Computer & Laptop Computer
Personnel Service for IT Construction
Stocking & Supply of Desktop Computers
Helpdesk Services for Dubai Office
Printing Forms
Delivery of Connectors & Cables for Ethernet/Fibre/USB/Power
Stocking & Suply of Notebook Computers
Supply Screen Saver Construction Set
Supply of Notebook & Calendar
Supply of Workstation Computers
Supplying of Data Enrichment & Cleansing
EPIC for Flow Computers Replacement
Stocking & Supply of Notebook Computers
Stocking & Supply of Desktop Computers
Maintenance Services for Computer Equipment
IBM Hardware Maintenance and Support Services

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