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Tenders for Valves

15K Rating Kelly Valves
Dead Line: 9/13/2018 >>  Pakistan
Ref: PROC-FB/CB/D-3288-A/2018 , Announcement Date: 8/10/2018
Supply of Valves
Dead Line: 9/9/2018 >>  Saudi Arabia
Ref: TC4573MT18 , Announcement Date: 8/5/2018
Sale & Removal of Miscellaneous Valves
Dead Line: 8/27/2018 >>  Qatar
Ref: LT18MT0079, Announcement Date: 7/26/2018
Manufacturing & Providing Brass Bushes for Motorized Valves
Dead Line: 8/20/2018 >>  Pakistan
Ref: OP/12615-AA , Announcement Date: 8/2/2018

Tenders and Leads Archive
Supply of Valves and Fitting
Valve, Overcenter
Valve & Fittings
Bulk Valve Material Provision
Kit Bettis Serv K.Minor Va121874-D
Spares for Gas Lift Valve of Various Sizes
Supply of Valves and Fitting
Procurement of Fluicon Valves Repair Kits
DVC 6200 Positioner
Supply of Valves and Fitting
15k Rating Kelly Valves
DVC 6200F Positioner
Spare Parts for Valves
Fisher Positioner
Supply of Pressure/Vacuum Valves
Calibration of Pressure/Vacuum Vent Valve and PRVs
Supplying Valves and Tubes
Provision of Sulfur Unit Valves
Supply of Valves & Fittings
Supply of Different Types & Different Sizes Valves
Supply of Valves & Fittings
Supply of Valve & Fitting
Supply of Valves
Supply of Valve & Fitting
Supply of Valves
Supply of Pressure Vacuum Breather Valves/PV Vent
Calibration of PV Vents
Calibration Required for 6” Dia & 4” Dia Breater Valve
Sale & Removal of Hydraulic Valve Test Bench
Purchase of Manual Valves Size of 10 and above for CPF3
Valves and Seats for National Oil Well-Mud Pumps
High Prussure Mud Valves
Supply of (l.b.Valve,Vessels,Vertical Pumps & Bends )
Supply of Services Upgrading of MAF Refinery Polishing Plant’s Valves including Spare Part
Five (5) Year Consignment Agreement for Supply and Storage of Valves
Auction for Valves , Flanges and Fittings
Calibration Required for 6” Dia & 4” Dia Breater Valve
Spares for Electric Water Blast
Valves for Water Injection System
Supply of Valves & Fitting
Supply of Valves & Fitting
Supply of Valves & Fitting
Provision of CTU Package Service
Supply of Pipe Fittings, Flanges, Valves & Actuators
Supply of Valve Repairing Kit
Sale & Removal of Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Valves
Assessment of Valve Condition & Rectification Thereof
Purchase of Manual Valves for CPF1 Water Injection System Stage 1
Supply of CO2 Cylinder Refilling
Supply of Valves & Fitting
Purchase of Instrument Valves
Supplementary Instruments & Meters
Supply of Below 2" Valve
Supply and Fixing Tags for Manual Valves
Supply of Circlip Plier Set
Supply of Gas Lift Valves
Support Services for the Servicing of Valves
Shutdown Maintenance Works
Supplying of Fitting & Valves
3 Year Call-Off Contract for Isolation Valve Repair
Supply of Gas Lift Mandrels
Supply of Valves
EPIC for Automated Choke Valves at Six Wells
Maintenance Contract for Refurbishment of Valves
Supplying of Valves
Supplying of Valves
Supplying of DBB Valves
Supplying of Valves
Supplying of DBB Valves
Supplying of Valve
Supplying of Valve
Supplying of Valve & GTE
Supplying of Kit & Valve
Supplying of Valve Spares
Supply of Generic Items
Supplying of Solendoid Valve
Supply of Diaphragm Actuated Valve
Maintenance Support Services for Valves
Supply of Breather Valve
Replacement of Relief Line
Spare Parts for Orbit Valves
Purchase Nihon Koso Pneu Valve Positioners
Manually Operated into Motor Operated Valves Conversion
Supply of Safety Valves
P/F TOA Safety Releif Valve
S/P for CCI Valve Technology
Supply of Valves
P/F ‘’Baker’’h2s Drill Pipe Float Valve
P/F Fisher Controls Press .Reducing Valve
Mapag Armaturen Valve On/Off Valve
Supply of Valves
Supply of Solenoid Valves
Supply of Valves for Air Conditioner Plant
P/F Baker H2s Drill Pipe Float Valve
Supply of Para-Seal Valve
FEED for Automated Choke Valves
Supply of Valves
Supply of Valve Retsco
P/F "Omsco" Lower Kelly Valve
Supply of Check and Drain Tubing Valves
Research Instrument for Automatic Test
Replacement of 4 Way Valve
Well Head Automatic Safety Valve
Installation of pneumatic valve
Supply of Valves
Supply & Design Scraper Traps Valve Station
Valve Cleaner Lubricant
Diaphragm Actuated Valve
Hand Wheel Operated API 6D
Supply of Valves
Control Valve Skid for Dehydration and Desalting Units
Supply of Complete Electrical Actuator Valves
Purchase of Butterfly Valves
Diaphragm Valves
Main Gas Regulator for Boilers
Supply of Valves
Maintenance Services for Pressure Safety Valves
Purchase Valves
Supply of Line Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Valves
Supply of Valves
Supply of Field Instruments for the 8 Inch Naphtha Pipeline to Shuaiba
Supply of New Auto Recirculation Valve
Tender For Supply of Valves And Pipe Fittings For DS/6-West Qurna Oil Field
supply of Line Pipes, Pipe Fittings & Valves for the New Najaf Oil Refinery

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