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Provision of Onshore Liquid Metering Systems Maintenance
Maintenance and Repair
Reference 1000002850
Date 3/13/2018
Location Africa
Scope The company intends to put in place a Fiscal Oil metering Validation and Maintenance Services Contract for its Onshore locations. The company is statutorily required to re certify all fiscal liquid metering systems annually. The company's onshore custody transfer point is located at Rumuekpe LACT station. The company also needs to recertify annually some equipment in certified flow laboratories.

The scope of services shall be as below, without being limited to :
- Perform bi-weekly meter proving on the Rumuekpe LACT station pending the commissioning of the compact prover.
- Perform the annual recertification exercises in Rumuekpe LACT station.
- Maintain and track the performance of the meters, proving system, sampling system and other ancillary instruments in Rumuekpe LACT station.
- Certify tank gauging MMC tapes.
- Perform bunkering meters and liquid densitometers annual certification.
- Create and maintain a data base of these meters, systems and the ancillary instrument's maintenance routines.
- Interface with the various entities that will enhance seamless service delivery.

The overall Scope of services is split into two (2) lots as per equipment requirement and site work optimization.
- Lot 1 shall cover the certification of the fiscal custody transfer oil metering system at Rumuekpe LACT station. It includes not only the statutory annual third party
recertification of the fiscal systems but also all other routine maintenance as may arise during usage of facility.

- Lot 2 shall cover the annual certification of some equipment (MMC Tapes, Bunkering meters, liquid densitometers) in flow lab.

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Maintenance and Repair
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