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Tenders for Casing, Tubing & Drill Pipes

Inspection Drill Pipes and Drill Collars
Dead Line: 2/14/2017 >>  Syria
Ref: 2/2017, Announcement Date: 12/28/2016

Tenders and Leads Archive
Provision of Casing and Tubing Running Services
Provision of Casing, Tubing and Riser Running Services
Inspection of Casing/Tubing & Wireline Equipment
Supply of Casing & Tubing (OCTG) for Drilling Operations
Provision of Production Logging with Assistant Tools
Casing Head Housing & Accessories
Inspection Drill Pipes and Drill Collars
Supply of 4.1/2 OD Flat Bottom Junk Mill
Provision of 7 Casing for 30 Wells Drilling Operation
Supply of Casing Head Housing & Accessories
Supply of Tubing Head Spool
Supply of Taper Mill
Supply of Cement Float Collar
Supply of Tubing Tong
Supply of Casing Centralizer
Provision of 3-1/2" Tubing
Supply of Tubing Tong
Supply of 244.475 mm Casing
Supply of Tyres, Tubes and Flaps
Supply of 4 1/2 Liner Casing
Supply of Rotary Slips
Hiring of Service for Whipstock Setting
Drill Pipe and Subs
Supply of Tubing/ Workover Substitutes
Supply of Tubing, External Upset
Supply of Tubing
Supply of 13.3/8 Casing & Accessories
Supply of 9.5/8 Casing
Supply of Differential Fill-Up Shoe Davis
Supply of Fill Up Float Collar
Supply of OD Impression Block
Supply of Tubing
Supply of Casing
Supply of Rotary Hand Slip
Supply of Rotary Hand Slips
Supply of Casing Head Housing
Supply of Casing Centralizers
Casing, Seamless Steel, Screwed & Coupled
Supply of Seamless Stainless Steel Tube
Supply of Casing
Unscrewing of Tubings
Supply Single Joint Collar Type Elevator for Handling
Manual Casing Tongs
Supply of Poor Boy Swivel
Supply of Poor Boy Swivel
Supply of Hookwall Packer
Provision of Casing & Tubular Running Equipment
Provision of GRE Lining Services
Supply of Casing Centralizers Equipment
Provision of Casing and Tubing Handling Equipment
Center Latch Elevator for Drill Pipe
Onshore Drilling and Completions Support Services
Supplying of Casing for the Exploration Wells Drilling
Provision of Liner Hanger Equipment & Services
Supply of Casing and Tubing
Purchase and Supply a Casing and Tubing
Supplying Casing and Tubing
Casing Supply Services
Supply Casing and Tubing
Casing & Tubing Running Services
Provision of Pipe Recovery Service
Supply of Drill Pipe Spin Master
Casing & Tubular Running Services
Purchasing of Tubes & Tube Bundle
Supply of Pipe Casing
Supply of Casing
Casing & Tubing Requirement
Supply of Tubing Head Assembly
Supply of Octg (Casing & Conductor Pipe)
Provision of Tubular Running Equipment
Supply of Casing and Tubing
Casing and Tubing Requirement
Retubing of Air Cooler Tube Bundles
Supply of Casing
Running Casings
Purchase and Procure Materials
Seamless Tubing
ESP Packers
Oil Field Screens and Casing
Casing & Tubing
Casing Conductor Pipe 30"
Casing Conductor Pipe 30"
Pipe Casing: 7", 6 5/8 "
Pipe Casing: 20", 13 3/8, 9 5/8"
Casing, Screwed and Coupled Pipe
Pre-Qualification Invitation to Offer Seamless Steel Casing
Supply of Casing Pipes

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