UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress 2015

14-15 April 2015, Organized by UNITI-Mineraloltechnologie GmbH
Petrochemicals: Oil Treating & Refining
Location: Germany Stuttgart
Date: 4/14/2015

Organizer: UNITI-Mineraloltechnologie GmbH
Tel: 030 / 755 414-400
Fax: 030 / 755 414-474

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In continuation of the traditional conference "Technical Workshop Hohenheim" this conference has established itself as a recognized international industry meeting point. As a result of extension of the conference language to German and English with full simultaneous translation this conference has gained enormous appeal even outside Germany. Thanks to the support by the Program Advisory Board, the organizers have succeeded in putting up a high quality program with renowned speakers. The organizers make sure that the lectures have exceptionally high practical relevance which is highly valued by the participants at this event.

Moreover, this forum becomes enormously significant due to the active presence of the automotive industry. Therefore, the conference provides an excellent platform for exchange of experience at the international level. Just the frank dialogue in the entire oil and additive industry with other industries, such as the automobile industry, is very valuable for all participants. Besides the lectures, this is reflected in the subsequent discussions, which are still pursued intensively during the breaks. At the evening event after the first day of the conference, too, there will be excellent opportunities for international "networking" and for exchange of experiences. In addition to lectures, another extended exhibition provides comprehensive information on new products and services.

The conference will be moderated by the seasoned coordinator of many a conference, Dr. Joachim Schulz, WISURA MINERALOLWERK Goldgrabe & Scheft GmbH & Co. Very often, fast and some fundamental changes are on the agenda for the power, fuel and lubricants market, particularly in the current political discussions on energy and environmental policy. In order to minimize risks posed by such changes or to take advantage of the resulting new opportunities, a current "up-to-date" knowledge, coupled with good personal contacts, is enormously important.

The UNITI Petroleum Technology Forum provides a good opportunity to the participants to get information quickly and compactly about important innovations, future requirements and developments in order to further advance their personal success as well that of their company.

Petrochemicals: Oil Treating & Refining

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