Somalia Oil, Gas & Mining Forum 2015

27-28 April 2015, Organized by Clarion Events Ltd
Oil Field Services: Oil & Gas Companies
Location: United Kingdom London
Date: 4/27/2015

Organizer: Clarion Events Ltd
Tel: +971 4 435 6101

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The Energy Exchange is proud to inaugurate the Somalia Oil, Gas & Mining Forum, which will be instrumental in unfolding the potential of the underexplored country, both onshore and offshore. It will investigate Somalia’s hydrocarbon reserves and discuss successful investment in the region.

Unlocking Somalia's potential

The rapid improvement of Somali security conditions, coupled with its ensuing political stability, has once again established the nation as an attractive investment opportunity. This is particularly true of its Oil, Gas & Mining industry. Due to Somalia’s proximity to the oil rich Gulf Arab states and its geological similarity to its mineral-heavy surrounding nations, it is increasingly being described by industry experts as an untapped resource. This makes it one of the most exciting destinations for exploration and development and therefore a monumental attraction for foreign investment.

His Excellency Mohamed Ibrahim, Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources aims to liaise with investors and operators to establish a platform upon which Somalia’s potential can be unlocked.

Take part in the event and understand the risks and rewards of:

An underexplored region
Despite recent discoveries in East Africa & Madagascar, Somalia remains significantly underexplored. The event will showcase the success that exploration and production has had in Somalia’s surrounding nations and explore the ways in which we can apply this success to Somalia itself.

A restructuring legal framework and fiscal structure
Understanding the latest developments on production sharing agreements is key in building profitable ventures and profit share fiscal structures. The event will give you the chance to evaluate the country’s potential, build strategic alliances in the region and allow for a closer collaboration with regional governments.

Understanding Somalia’s geology
Early geologic models and developments in seismic surveying mean that Somalia can be compared to its geologically similar nations and their successes in mining can be explored within the context of Somalia’s future.

Oil Field Services: Oil & Gas Companies

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