India Clean Seas Conference (ICSC) 2016

22-24 September 2016, Organized by iCONEX Exhibition Pvt Ltd
Health, Safety and Environment: Environment Management, Consultancy
Location: India Goa
Date: 9/22/2016

Organizer: iCONEX Exhibition Pvt Ltd
Tel: +91 8588885837

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The global ocean covers 70% of the Earth's surface and is the ultimate SINK. Ocean does not recognize boundaries and activities that are taking place far away from the high seas, and even land-based activities far inland, can adversely affect the global oceans.

Pollution can travel great distances in the marine environment. The existence of the five gyres, where floating litter concentrates in the middle of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans is a growing concern. Increased attention should be paid to the issue of marine pollution in any form & we all should collectively work to address it, which is complicated by a variety of sources.

The discharge and dumping operations continue to take place in the high seas with little oversight, from shipping and offshore installations. There is no easy way to solve ocean pollution. Education, Law and Economics are three different things that can help to tackle the problem as they work together as a team to make pollution less of a problem and make the world a better place to live.

Steering ahead of the new and emerging threats before they have become large-scale problems is critically important to test and validate a new model for managing and mitigating environmental risk. It can also be achieved by step change in efficiency requiring reinforced industry collaboration and innovative technologies. We still have the opportunity to prevent the global ocean from becoming a waste dumpsite.

India Clean Seas Conference (ICSC) is a leading industry event focused on bringing together the strategic decision makers within the marine and oceanology markets. Through a focused technical program, creative networking opportunities and a comprehensive exhibition, the event will create a unique opportunity for the members of the industry to engage in critical dialogue around the future of our industry.

This conference will act as platform to connect with industry specialists and companies who can collaborate to realize the most meaningful results. At this mega event we value the chance to interact with other industry members during such a dynamic time of change where such industry dialogues are essential.

We all should actively engage ourselves in the planning, preparation and organization of such events with a common objective to improve the health of the ocean and implement industry best practices to remain competitive.

We invite and encourage you along with your organisation to attend and participate in ICSC 2016 & look forward to seeing you at Goa to deliberate how to make the oceans cleaner for our better tomorrow.

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Health, Safety and Environment: Environment Management, Consultancy

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