North Africa Oil & Gas Security and Risk

23-25 November 2016, Organized By East Med Ltd
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Location: Italy Rome
Date: 11/23/2016

Organizer: East Med Ltd
Tel: +44 20 8239 1964

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North Africa is the key region in Africa’s oil and gas sector and has also played a major role in the development of today’s global oil industry. North Africa possesses substantial oil and gas reserves, which are viewed as strategically vital because of their proximity to the European market, and continues to be a leader in oil and gas production and export. However, the complex political and security landscape and the rising terrorist threat combined with the current low oil prices are presenting unprecedented challenges for policy- and decision-makers.

The forum will bring together policymakers, oil and gas industry leaders, risk managers and technology and security experts to discuss and assess the political and security dynamics in the North Africa region. Moreover, the summit will be a platform where all the latest technology and innovation development and issues within the region, including the increase in e-Commerce platform-specific malware and cyber security skills development, will also be discussed.

The forum will cover all the security risks faced by oil and gas companies in North Africa and offer a platform to discuss security technologies and the solutions that can be deployed to protect the oil and gas infrastructure (such as pipelines, storage units, drill rigs and refineries) from the physical and political risks as well as from cyberattacks.

Internal conflicts and policies in the region also will be discussed by region experts, who will highlight the key issues companies should take into consideration and their potential impact on the oil and gas and energy market in the region.

EastMed aim to host the North Africa oil & gas Security and risk Forum in October 2016, with the forum featuring a range of high-level speakers, presenting on key technical and business issues. EastMed would also welcome the involvement and participation of all future potential investors who are interested in the North Africa market.

Objectives of understanding the North Africa oil & gas Security and risk Forum
The forum aims to present a comprehensive approach to discussing, assessing and understanding the corporate risk, including the political, physical and cyber securities risks and analysis information risks in order to be able to assess and mitigate the risks to support decision-making. The forum will specifically:

- Discuss the geopolitical and geostrategic dimensions of energy security and risk management.
- Review the investment opportunities and challenges in the North Africa oil and gas and energy sectors.
- Promote a deep understanding of the North Africa political risk outlook.
- Review the strategies and tools to effectively manage information security.
- Give the latest updates on the persistent threat of ISIS and internal conflicts in North Africa that threaten investment and economic progress.
- Provide updates on the current situation and benchmark future investment, including assessment of the region’s culture, current trends and developments.
- Advise on how to adequately be prepared and equipped to deal with rapid and dynamic changes in the North African region.
- Assess the political and security dynamics in the North Africa region.
- Address issues relevant to cyber security at an industrial as well as at a national level. Other issues like IT Security infrastructure will also be discussed.
- Assess different types of risk and how to deal with them.
- Discuss the latest developments in e-commerce platform-specific malware and cyber security.
- Showcase areas of the North Africa security sector where international companies could cooperate with domestic firms.
- Discuss the need to deploy advanced safety, security and technology solutions.
- Review key adoption trends, future opportunities and business cases in the innovative oil and gas security market.

North Africa oil & gas Security and risk Forum will focus on several key areas within Geopolitical, Physical, Cyber Security and link them to Corporate Risk Assessment as well as what should your strategy be in terms of implementation. Covering the following subjects:
- Quick Mapping North Africa region highlight vulnerable to terror attacks. latest thinking and approaches.
- Business travel security – ensuring safety of your employees in high risk
- Managing security risk through the downturn
- Ensuring a strong budget is maintained for the security department during times of lower oil prices.
- Identifying, understanding and tackling key security threats in the North Africa region.
- The persistent threat of ISIS, internal conflicts in North Africa that threaten investment and economic progress.
- The need to deploy advanced safety, security and technology solutions in such demanding environments has become a priority.
- How to ensure the health and safety of employees and safeguard property.

Political Risk
- Investment opportunities and challenges in North Africa oil&gas and energy.
- Mapping oil&gas and energy security in North Africa region. latest thinking and approaches.
- North Africa Political risk outlook. Political change has profound impact on risk analysis and business plans. The persistent threat of ISIS, internal conflicts in North Africa that threaten investment and economic progress.
- Region culture assessment. Current trends and developments.

Pipelines Security
- Latest developments in pipeline monitoring and security technology.
- Key adoption trends, future opportunities and business cases in the innovative oil & gas security market.
- Technology and Integration – What Are the Latest Technologies?
- Designing the secure pipeline for the future.

Cyber Security
- Increase in e-Commerce Platform-specific Malware, cyber security skill development.
- address critical concerns and trends regarding cyber security for the oil & gas industry, and cover how to address these concerns in a down market.
- Managing & Mitigating third party cyber security risks.
- Effectively defining and addressing security vulnerabilities.
- Internal Controls to avoid security issues and cyber security awareness.
- Common attacks and mitigations.
- Reducing the risk of exploitation of vulnerable internet accessible devices that are critical to operational efficiency.
- Control processes and IT infrastructure require continuous improvements to cyber security safeguards and protocols in order to protect valuable company information, key operational equipment and maintain day to day operations in a safe and secure manner.
- Advanced safety, security and technology solutions in such demanding environments has become a priority.
- How cyber defence can help reducing physical security.
- Cyber Security Measures in Oil & Gas Contracting.
- State of Cloud Security 2016.
- Measuring the Technicality of an Operational Threat: Cyber Security Metrics.

Risk Assessment
- Information, analysis and assessment, business decisions and crisis management.
- Reviewing available Strategies & tools to effectively manage information security in a downturn Market.
- Optimising risk management through more efficient and adapted technology.
- An overview of the geopolitics in the NA market entry and overcoming the risks of Investment.
- Integrated security and safety solutions for the oil and gas industry.
- Shifting demand dynamics: Investments, price volatility and alternative fuel choices.
- International Contract Management.
- Risk Management and Contracts.
- Project Insurance Risks.

The exhibition will focus on oil and gas service providers, security, risk management, consulting and technology companies. The exhibition will help to develop a ‘shortlist’ of technology and service providers who can meet your particular needs. You’ll receive exclusive access to some of the world’s leading technology, security, consultancy and service providers in a variety of settings.

The workshops will focus on risk management and security in North Africa. They will be delivered by regional industry experts who will share real case studies and useful knowledge. The workshops will promote knowledge sharing on the best techniques and practices used by IT, risk management and security decision makers.

North Africa Oil&Gas Security and Risk Forum will attract 200 senior managers and will focus on the different types of security risk facing the oil and gas industry in North Africa. Experts from security, technology and consultancy companies will analyse each risk, using real case studies, and suggest solutions.

Health, Safety and Environment: Safety Services

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