Cameroon International Energy & Water Conference CIEW 2010

20-21 January 2010. Organized by AME Trade Ltd.
Location: Cameroon Yaoundé, Cameroon
Date: 1/20/2010

Organizer: AME Trade Ltd
Tel: 0044 0 207 700 4874
Fax: 0044 0 207 681 3120

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We are pleased to announce that the first edition of the Cameroon International Energy & Water Conference 2010 (CIEW 2010) will take place from 20th – 21st January 2010, at the Hilton Hotel, Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon. The event will be organised by the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE), Republic of Cameroon and the British event organiser, AME Trade Ltd.

This international energy and water conference is the first of its kind to be organized in Cameroon. It will gather international investors, water and energy experts, directors of financial institutions, Cameroonian decision makers, development partners and donors, as well as the other key actors and partners in the energy and water industries.

CIEW 2010 will act as a platform to exchange experiences, debate and establish business partnerships and cooperation, which will lead to conclusions and recommendations for an improved development of the Cameroon’s water and energy resources.

CIEW 2010 assisting Cameroon to achieve its priority development goals
The Republic of Cameroon’s development objectives for this sector are:
Provide universal access to ‘cleaner’ forms of energy in all sectors of the economy and to the general population; under reliable conditions and at competitive prices;
Provide conducive conditions for attracting capital for investments and targeting private sector operators;
Improve governance and transparency in operations;
Promote rational use of energy resources, diversify sources of energy production, and integrate social, environmental and health factors in decision-making process;
Effective use of public finances – such as efficient transfers for subsidies, but taking into account the need to adequately address poverty

Cameroon is endowed with abundant primary energy resources which include:
Hydro electric power: current production is 55.2 GW, potentially Cameroon is second only to the Democratic Republic of Congo for HEP output potential.
Natural Gas: proven reserve estimated at 110 billion cubic metres
Biomass Residues: agriculture and forest logging, untapped potential with resources can be used for generation of heat
Renewable energy such as solar energy: average annual irradiation of 4 KWH/M2 /day, however potential is not being exploited, same follows with wind energy where suitable sites in the Northern provinces are not being used.

Snapshot at Cameroon’s electricity sector
Electricity distributed in Cameroon is mostly hydroelectric; the industry was privatised in the last decade and is for the most part serviced by AES-SONEL. Recently in order to increase capacity of electricity installed production, more thermal production has been introduced.
In addition to AES SONEL the enterprise responsible for production and distribution of electricity in urban areas is called the Rural Electrification Agency ( AER) which is a public organisation.
A gas-fired power plant in Kribi, The rehabilitation of the hydroelectric power stations of Edea and Song Loulou, the new Nachtigal hydroelectric dam and the reservoir dam of Lom Pangar are new projects which will soon ease Cameroon’s energy deficits.

Snapshot at Cameroon’s Oil & Gas sector
Cameroon’s oil output remains well below the peak of 186 000 b/d attained in 1985. Since 1985, Cameroon’s government has shown a commitment to reviving the oil industry by attracting oil companies to develop marginal and deep-water offshore fields. To this end, the national oil company (Société national d’hydrocarbures – SNH) have signed various offshore concessions in the Rio del Rey, Douala and Kribi basins.
Cameroon has intensified its efforts in exploring for natural gas exploration as well as in crude oil production. A fairly large gas field has been discovered at Sanaga, which could supply the planned thermal power plant at Kribi. In 2006, SNH signed a production-sharing agreement with a French-based firm to develop the South Sanaga gas field.
Bakassi, an area of some 1,000 square kilometres is believed to contain massive oil and gas reserves and has been the subject of a dispute for 15 years between Cameroon and Nigeria. In 2008 the territory was handed by the international court to Cameroon and prospecting for oil has already started.

Snapshot at Cameroon’s Abundant Water Resources
Mineral and thermal mineral springs, located in 30 areas connected to volcanic belts of South West, West, North West and Adamawa. Each belt has several springs. One spring at Mount Cameroon is industrially exploited.
Cameroon is made up of 100 km2 of rivers, plains liable to flooding 34,000 km2, natural lakes (1800 km2), and artificial reservoir waters (2,800 km2) and sea water (360 km of coast) Underground waters with reserves are estimated at more than 120 billion m3 of water.

Access to clean potable water, the key to a healthy and successful Cameroonian workforce
It remains rare for some rural areas and some city suburbs to have potable water. Water production and distribution is a major concern for the Cameroonian government.
Considering the buoyant prospects for economic growth and increasing purchasing power, potable water demand in urban areas should increase significantly over the next decade. Cameroon’s government is targeting a water point (well) for every community of 300 – 500 inhabitants, communities of 2500 – 5000 inhabitants will benefit from a potable water supply system (through pumping or gravitation with cursory treatment). The Government also intends to reach a service rate of 46% by 2016 (53% in Douala and Yaoundé compared to 30% and 35% nowadays).
Investment programs are scheduled to go towards hydraulic diagnosis, master schedules, existing infrastructures renewal and rehabilitation. Many international funding organizations are interested in CAMWATER projects.

Topics in the conference will include:
Investment & outlook for Cameroon Power sector Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Investment opportunities in Mega power projects (planned and ongoing)–
The renewable/green power projects (Biofuels and grid connected opportunity)
Investment outlook for water projects
Upstream Oil & gas Cameroon Opportunities
Performance of Transnational projects – lessons learned from Chad Cameroon Pipeline project
Developing suitable financing mechanisms for Cameroon Energy & Water Infrastructure
The Policy options for Cameroon Energy & Water development

Speak at a plenary session
We welcome any suggestions for speeches and technical presentations. If you would like to make a presentation please send the information detailed below by 1st December 2009.
a) Overview of the presentation: the presentation must be based on one of the topics of CIEW 2010
b) Your biography and CV
Speeches can be made in French or English. All communications should not last longer than 15 minutes.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship allows you to enhance your company’s participation at this important event. It is the most cost effective and high impact way for you to increase your corporate visibility. Packages are tailored to reach your target audience. We have created a range of sponsorship options ranging from Platinum to Bronze, for further information on becoming a sponsor, or for a tailor made packages please contact Sergio Silva on +44 207 700 5090 or

Delegate participation:

Our delegate package includes:
Access to all the plenary sessions and press conferences

Conference material and other conference documents
Admission to the social programme: lunches, coffee breaks, cocktails, gala dinner, excursions
Welcome at Yaoundé airport and transport from the hotel to the venue for the duration of the event
The Venue – Hilton Hotel, Yaoundé
In the heart of the business district with a free airport shuttle, the Hilton Yaounde hotel has a business centre, 16 meeting rooms for 2-1000 and an Executive Lounge. Yaounde attractions include the National Craft Market and Nachtigal Falls.

Planning your business trip to Cameroon:
We will be pleased to assist you to plan your trip to Cameroon. We have compiled an extensive list of hotels in Yaoundé and negotiated excellent rates for our participants Once you have registered for the event, we will send you further information on prices, how to obtain your visa & airport transfers

Contact Us
For further information or questions regarding registration, sponsorship or speaking at CIEW 2010 please contact
AME Trade Ltd – Africa and Middle East Trade Ltd
Unit 204, Omnibus Business Centre,
39 – 41 North Rd, London, UK, N7 9DP
Contact: Sergio Silva/ Audrey SolvarB
Tel: +44 (0) 207 700 5080/ 5044
Fax: +44 (0) 207 681 3120
Email: or

Mr. Dudle Achu Sama
Technical Advisor No 1/ MINEE
Tel/fax: +237 22 235608

For Registration in Cameroon or the CEMAC region please contact

Jude Awambeng
Central African Tours
+237 7775 0868 or +237 3305 6446

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