MENA Natural Gas Distribution Summit 2010

18-20 January 2010. Organized by Fleming Gulf FZ LLC
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Location: Egypt Cairo
Date: 1/18/2010

Organizer: Fleming Gulf FZ LLC
Tel: 0091 80 4050 9936
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What is Natural Gas?
In recent years, a lot of activities have focused on supplying natural gas to Middle East’s growing downstream market. City Gas Project's aim is to supply the growing urbanized population of MENA with an efficient, yet clean and environmentally-friendly energy. These projects focus upon distribution and utilization of natural gas for:
• Natural gas vehicles (CNG vehicles)
• Residential use
• Commercial use
• Industrial use

Application of natural gas
• Power Generation
• District Cooling/Co-Generation
• Natural Gas Vehicles
• Heating Systems (Boiler, Oven, Furnace, Stove, Heater etc)
• Heating and Cooking in Commercial and Residential Applications

Event Summary:
MENA Natural Gas Distribution Summit shall discuss about predominance of Natural Gas as a fuel for city energy purposes internationally, due to below reasons.
o Firstly, Natural Gas is a more economical alternative
o For industrial customers Natural Gas offers a 20% cost benefit in energy terms
o Natural Gas is a 'clean' fuel. When Natural Gas burns it creates lesser pollutants as compared to traditional fossil fuels
o And finally, natural gas as a fuel is extremely efficient, when the entire cycle of producing, processing, transporting and using energy is considered, natural gas is delivered to the consumer with a "total energy efficiency" of about 90 percent, compared with about 27 percent for electricity

Egypt was one of the leading countries which chose to utilize natural gas as an abundant, clean and friendly fuel in most of the major economic sectors since the early seventies and as a fuel for vehicles at the beginning of the nineties. Egypt has very ambitious plans to increase 3.3 million existing customers to 5.5 million customers for City gas by 2012. It has 16,800 km City Gas pipeline, has 118 fuelling stations, 106,000 CNG vehicles.

Industry Forecast supports our Conference:
• Country-wise, Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have the second, third, fourth and fifth largest natural gas reserves in the world.
• With the increasing concern worldwide of the environment, climate change issues and the adverse impact of pollutants emissions, Currently, there are 116 CNG fuelling stations serving more than 95 thousand vehicles.
• SEWA’s unique experience of having the only natural gas distribution network in the UAE and the GCC region with a total length 1200 km and customer satisfaction of 95,000 consumers.
• Gasco said last year it was investing $25 billion in gas processing plants and pipelines as it develops gas supply to meet surging demand.
• Abu Dhabi holds most of the UAE's oil and gas reserves. The UAE sits on the world's fifth-largest reserves but has failed to develop them quickly enough to meet domestic gas needs and imports the shortfall from Qatar.
• Abu Dhabi is also seeing the rapid adoption of centralised gas networks for developments such as those on Yas and Saadiyat islands. Lootah BCGas is involved in the Emirate through Q Energy, a JV with Al Qudra Holdings. It has completed design work for networks on many of the major projects in the emirate and is also involved in developing a network of CNG stations for fuelling vehicles.
Middle East City Gas Conference will include key topics as below:
• Fiscal & Regulatory aspects
• Adequate & consistent availability of Natural Gas
• Elements necessary to build and operate an effective natural gas utility
• Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) compliance
• Infrastructure/Retrofitting for CNG Network issues
• Designing efficient networks
• Importance of Biomethane as a fuel for vehicle transport

Khalid Awadi, Gas Operations Manager, Emarat UAE
Dr Hamed Korkor, Chairman Assistant for Studies & Research, EGAS, EGYPT (tbc)
Dr. Pramod Paliwal, Deputy Director, Institute of Petroleum Management
John Baldwin, Managing Director, CNG Services Ltd
Rob Bennett, Technical Director, TAQA Arabia Gas Group
Richard C Ford C.Eng, Vice President - Strategic Projects, GL Industrial Services, Oil and Gas
Howard Nisbet, PMC Project Manager, Elixier 2 Project, Gasco

Who should attend:
CEO’s, Managing Directors, Gas Distribution Consultants, Project Designers/Engineers, Network operators, Distribution Directors, Feasibility consultants, Financial Institutions, Gas suppliers/ Gas authorities, Engineering Directors, Contractors and Construction companies, Operations Directors, Regulatory Affairs directors, Feasibility Consultants, Contract Directors, Project Directors, Construction planning directors

Industries Involved:
Gas Distribution Consultants, Feasibility consultants, Gas suppliers/ Gas authorities, Sustainable design consultants, Pipe manufactures, Gas measuring and regulating devices manufacturers, Engineering Consultants, Gas Valves, Pipe Design, plastic pipe systems for the gas, Gas Equipment trading companies, energy solutions company, polyethylene distribution lines in a City Gas Distribution network, network engineering contractors, equipment providers, metering and metering services companies, gas storage operators, Specialist Fittings & Equipment for the Gas, Information technology solution provider/data management for gas companies.

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Gas Processing: Gas Treating

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