3rd Annual Oil & Gas Communications Conference 2010

12-13 May 2010. Organized by GVF UK
Oil Field Services: Communication
Location: Scotland Marriott Hotel, Aberdeen
Date: 5/12/2010

Organizer: GVF UK
Tel: 0044 207 099 5546
Fax: 0044 1727 884 839

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The 3rd Annual GVF Oil & Gas Communications Europe Conference (O&GCE3) is also the 9th event in the global Oil & Gas Communications Series organized by GVF and UK-EMP. Continuing the Series into its fifth year, the 2010 Aberdeen conference takes its usual ‘Digital Applications & Communications Dynamics’ focus beyond the territory of the hydrocarbon-bearing sectors of the North Sea, continuing far to the north to the Arctic Ocean region.

Once again to be held in Aberdeen, Scotland, the programme for this third event for the European “oil & gas patch” – which will examine the role of satellite, and satellite-wireless, technologies and services in continuing to bring mission critical operational success to the maturing oil & gas fields of the North Sea – will additionally explore the communications imperatives and the delivery of networking solutions for the extreme northerly boundary of Europe’s new hydrocarbon exploration & production (E&P) opportunity.

Dealing with both the latest updates to the themes that are still current from earlier programmes in the conference series, and also with the most up-to-date developments in the communications solution and digital application requirements of offshore E&P, the 2010 programme will turn to look at the future of those themes and requirements as will in the future be dictated by the geographical and climate conditions of the Arctic’s fossil fuel reserves.

As North Sea offshore E&P continues to realize reducing yields, the Arctic Nations of Europe – Denmark, Norway and Russia – have already begun to lay claim to the ocean floor hydrocarbon resource potential of the Arctic Basin rock strata. As global climate change warms the environment of the Arctic latitudes, and as the Arctic Ocean is progressively opening-up to year round maritime navigation – thus including the positioning of semi-submersible and floating drilling platforms – the satellite and wireless communications industry must begin to gear-up for, and to respond to, this new business opportunity. So, the first and biggest question becomes, how should the communication sector go about this?

For more information please contact: Paul.Stahl@uk-emp.co.uk, Martin.Jarrold@gvf.org

Oil Field Services: Communication

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