Gas Tech 2010 Exhibition & Conference

28-30 December 2010. Organized by World Promotion Center
Gas Processing
Location: Egypt Cairo Int'l Conference Center CICC, Cairo
Date: 12/28/2010

Organizer: World Promotion Center
Tel: 00202 22738278
Fax: 00202 22738303

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Conference Topics
New Seismic Technology to Explore Oil and Gas Fields
Future Gas Resources
New Gas Discoveries & Gas Reservoirs in Egypt
Health, Safety & Environment Impact (HSE) in Oil & Gas Industry:
Risk assessment
Biosea (biomonitoring)
Upstream Activities (Exploration, Development & Production):

2D, 3D acquisition & processing technologies
Basin modeling & basin analysis
Concession agreement proceedings
Leads & prospect generation, evaluation & risk assessment
4D seismic technology
Well productivity
Logging while drilling (LWD) technology
Deep water exploration technologies
Geochemical analysis technology
Processing and re-processing new applications (CTC, CRS)
3D modeling systems
Developing & cost effective for small size oil & gas discoveries
Thin bedded reservoirs evaluation & development
Developing mature basin
Magnetic & gravity technologies
Open & whole logging (new technology)
Frontier areas evaluation/ prospect generation

Drilling & Completion Technologies
Horizontal drilling & multi reservoirs drilling technology
Offshore/deep & ultra deep water drilling technology
Mud losses & differential sticking in depleted sand and sub-salt losses
Spider drilling technology
High pressure reservoir drilling challenges

Project, Engineering Offshore Structure, Offshore Maintenance & Inspection :
Deep water technology
Offshore inspection & maintenance
Onshore & offshore production techniques
Vibration control of offshore platform

Reservoirs Management & Production Technologies:
Deep water completion & production technologies
Reservoirs modeling & production history match
Enhanced oil recovery technology (case history)

Gas Marketing & Management Midstream (Oil & Gas Distribution):
Damage prevention
Up rating
Piping installation & inspection

Downstream (Refining & Petrochemical Technologies):
Clean fuel challenges
New technologies/ catalysts for olefins, polyolefin & aromatics derivatives
Integrating refineries & petrochemicals
Optimizing catalyst economics & biotechnology for sulphur bearing streams
New technology & developments for isomerisation & hydro cracking
Improving management systems for existing installation, maintenance & reliability programs
Isodewaxing for high quality lubes production
Reduction in alkylation's operating risks & improved technologies

New Technology Applications:
Compressed gas as a clean fuel
Gas turbines
Natural gas in air conditioning
Gas extraction
Laser applications
Innovative applications
Unfreezing gas valves technology

Natural Gas Technology:
LNG/ CNG/ LPG technology
Gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology
LNG transportation technology
LNG network (world wide)

Communication & Information Technology (IT):
Oil, gas & industrial communication:
Real-time monitoring
Remote sites solutions
Rig communication (rig-to-rig/? rig-to-shore)
Maritime communication
Fleet management (vehicle tracking/? asset tracking)

Corporate data management:
Workflow solutions
Archiving solutions

Corporate data management:
Workflow solutions
Archiving solutions
GIS solutions
IT security solutions
Surveillance solutions
Drilling control systems

Training New Trends in Mining & Quarrying Techniques :
Selection, economics & management
Geological/ Geochemical/ Geophysical Mapping
Mineral Resources & Geotechnical Studies
Application of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Mine Work & Exploration
Ornamental Stones Techniques & Industry ore Dressing

Exhibition Profile
2D / 3D acquisition & processing Technology
Cables, umbilical & accessories.
Clean fuel.
CNG & LPG refuelling stations.
Computer systems & information technology (IT).
Deepwater production facility equipment.
Drilling technology.
Fire protection systems & fire fighting equipments
Fuel technology.
Gas to liquid (GTL) development.
Geological & geophysical technical supports
Heat ventilation & air-conditioning (HVAC).
Innovative solutions.
Insurance & banking
Lifting equipment, cranes & winches.
Liquefaction of natural gas (LNG) technology.
Logging while drilling (LWD).
Material handling & storage equipment.
Mooring, chains, ropes & anchors.
Mud chemicals
Natural gas in air conditioning.
Oil spill removal equipment.
Pipelines & piping technologies.
Power generation.
Processing & separation systems.
Pumps & compressors.
Refining & petrochemical services.
Security systems.
Site de- contamination.
Storing & transportation.
Support vessels, supply & containers.
Up & down-stream consultations.
Yard construction
Mining recycling, extraction & processing technology.
Bulk materials handing equipment & services.
Tunneling systems & equipment.
Automotive fuels.
Chemical additives.
CNG & LPG storage cylinders.
CNG & LPG lubricants & additives Corrosion & erosion prevention technology.
Distribution networks.
Environmental management systems (EMS).
Flare systems & equipments.
Gas detection equipment.
Gas turbines.
Health, safety & environment (HSE).
Hydraulics & electromechanical equipmens.
Inspection & testing.
Laser technology
Lining, seal & gaskets.
Loading & unloading equipment.
Lubricants technology.
Monitoring & control systems.
Mud logging units.
Natural gas & hybrid vehicles.
Offshore ports & terminal services.
Packing, handling & shipping.
Pollution prevention & cleaner production.
Printing & filing systems.
Project planning.
Real time positioning (GPS / GIS).
ROV’s diving & cameras.
Service companies for exploration & development.
Steel, special metals & welding.
Sub sea production equipment.
Training, capacity building & human resources.
Wire line logging services
Mining exploration, excavation & drilling equipment.
Metal smelting & refining equipment & services.
Communication systems & equipment.
Metallurgical equipment.

Gas Processing

Gulf Oil and Gas
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