China Offshore Wind Summit 2010

27-28 August 2010. Organized Noppen Shanghai Co., Ltd
Renewable Energy: Wind Energy
Location: China Weihai
Date: 8/27/2010

Organizer: Noppen Co. Ltd
Tel: 0086 21 6085 1000
Fax: 0086 21 6192 1908

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China has one of the highest potentials for offshore wind in the world. It has a long coast line of which a large portion is less than 10m deep. Although Asia is late in entering the market, as compared to Europe, it is moving ahead at a quick pace.

Asia sees offshore wind as the answer to powering its vast modern cities. Most of its population lies near the coast where winds are strong and could be harnessed to produce power to these mega cities. While onshore wind farms and solar farms are placed on large stretches of suitable land, usually far from dense populations, offshore wind farms can be placed where power is needed most, the coast, thus their efficiency levels will be substantially higher than their onshore counterparts.

Topics to be addressed
• A look into future offshore developments in Asia
• Asia’s expansion into the sea - How are offshore wind farms better than onshore for Asia?
• Mapping out the future: How to plan your developments?
• What technologies need to be implemented to ensure your offshore wind farm is efficient?
• Powering the future: What components are needed in constructing the modern offshore wind farm?
• Connectivity: How to ensure your wind farm’s energy is not being wasted
• Lessons learned: Case studies from international offshore wind farms

Exclusive Opportunities Available!
At the China Offshore Wind Summit you will meet face-to-face with key buyers actively seeking technological solutions for their existing and future projects.
• Meet pre-qualified industry leaders
• Increase your brand recognition within the Chinese marketplace
• Create new partnerships and alliances
• Develop relationships through new networking opportunities
• Showcase new technologies and applications to a targeted audience of decision makers

Noppen China's most exclusive conference producer
Noppen, with its European and Chinese background, provides value to business executives from around the world by delivering know-how, skills and specialized insights into market demands and industry trends. We offer our delegates a corridor of leading management and professional information; decision makers repeatedly attend Noppen events for the content as well as for the unparalleled networking and business development opportunities.

For more information please contact:
Catriona Scanlon, Communications Manager
T: +86 21 6085 1000 - F: +86 21 6192 1908

Renewable Energy: Wind Energy

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