Iraq Mega Projects 2010

26-28 October 2010. Orgnaized by CWC Associates Limited
Contracting Services: Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)
Location: Turkey Istanbul
Date: 10/26/2010

Organizer: The CWC Group
Tel: 0044 20 7978 0058
Fax: 0044 20 7978 0099

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The Iraq Mega Projects international conference and exhibition will bring together the world’s leading contractors and field operators, profiling the most important aspects to drive Iraq and its energy industry forward. Issues to be discussed include: EPC Contracts, Infrastructural Development, Human Resources, Technology and Security.

This is a unique opportunity to gain in-depth critical overview of Iraq’s requirements and how foreign operators can work together with Iraq to rebuild the country.

Given that the second round of bids on oil fields in Iraq have been finalised, now is the time to implement the projects to ensure oil output targets are met. Iraq Mega Projects will focus upon the challenges which lie ahead, identify the strategies to ensure quotas are met and highlight the operations that are essential to help rebuild the country.

Iraq has the world’s third largest proven oil reserves with at least 115 billion barrels, with yet much more to be explored in the country’s western desert. Iraq’s oil industry is on the verge of a major turning point - the vast reconstruction scheme will enable Iraq to rival the world’s top oil producers by the end of the decade.

The Ministry of Oil has just signed 10 production contracts with international oil companies to increase oil production to 12 million barrels a day within six years. Officials plan to drill at least 430 oil wells during the next two years allowing massive construction potential. Iraq’s 10-year strategic plan for 2008-2017 set a goal of increasing natural gas production to 2.5 trillion cubic feet per year, and to end the flaring of natural gas.

Iraq Mega Projects is the only exhibition which will bring together the companies which will make the projects a reality. Exhibiting at Iraq Mega Projects is the most cost and time efficient way to meet everyone who really matters to your business.

Benefits of exhibiting include:
Access one of the world’s most important oil & gas market
Meet face-to-face with senior government and state companies
Network with high-profile delegates attending the Conference
Strengthen your relationship with existing customers
Make 1000s of new business contacts and direct sales leads
Generate sales leads at the highest level
Introduce new products, latest technologies and services
Be part of the industry event where business is done
Keep up-to-date with new project development
Reinforce your commitment to the marketplace
Take advantage of ideal networking opportunities throughout the event

Iraq Mega Projects will examine how to fulfill the projects and unleash their potential now that the contracts have been awarded. The programme will bring together operators, ministry representatives, local governors, service providers and expert Iraqis that together will help to develop Iraq.

The main focus of the conference will be the requirements for the vast rebuilding effort to bring Iraq back to a level to support society, jumpstart economic growth, improve security and become one of the world's largest oil producers. Iraq Mega Projects provides the platform for key industry players to help move the country forward after the years of neglect by the previous regime.

The conference will aim to focus on some core areas, the proposed themes are:
Technology - Oil in Place and Recovery factor calculations, Geology and Geophysics, Iraq’s proven reserves, Reservoir Management
Petroleum Infrastructure - Surface facilities: Rehab and new, Demulsified water re-uses, Gas gathering, treatment, processing and utilization, Export routes/ internal routes to refineries & gas treatment
Civic Infrastructure – Transportation, Power plants, Water supply, Housing, medical services & schools
Regulations - Metering from the well head to the export terminals, Iraqi National Code for hydrocarbon measurements, HSE
Contract Types & Rules - General conditions, EPC’s with and without investment, Risk contracts
Logistics & Security - Critical path from the ports to supplies, work sites for personnel, equipment and materials, Community engagement, Risk assessment
Human Resources - Recruiting/capacity building, Training, Technology transfer
Outsourcing - Local contractors for construction and surveys, Local services: commissariat, transport, civil works and maintenance, Help in local capacity building

Speakers include:
Dr. Ahmed B. Al-Ahmed, Vice Governor, Central Bank of Iraq
Muwafeq Hassan Mahmood Executive Director, Arab Banking Corporation - Iraq branch
Adil Abdul Ghani Hummadi, Director, Adil Abdul Hummadi Law Firm
Sadiq Fadhil Al-Khafaji, Director General, National Insurance Company
Basam Yousif, Head of Department – Engineering, National Insurance Company
Maki Rzooki Mustafa, Head of Department – Reinsurance, National Insurance Company
Izzildean Al-Behrani, TBC

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Contracting Services: Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC)

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