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Global LNG Forum 2011

02-03 February 2011. Organized by Fleming Europe.
Gas Processing: LNG Processing
Location: Spain Barcelona
Date: 2/2/2011

Organizer: Fleming Gulf FZ LLC
Tel: 00421 257 272 146
Fax: 00421 255 644 490

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Gas used to be considered a dwindling commodity but technological developments such as sophisticated drilling methods and new state of the art storage tanks have turned LNG into a highly sought product. Markets across continents are emerging and multinational companies as well the natural gas exporting countries are investing billions. LNG is expected to become a dominant force in the energy sector in the near future. LNG development still faces many challenges which need to be addressed, for example infrastructure as well as shipping expertise, project management, marketing and project financing.

The Global LNG Forum 2011 organised by Jacob Fleming, will focus on key issues surrounding the LNG markets such as world-wide market regulation, investments options and unconventional gas resources. In order to gain additional invaluable insights into the industry, renowned speakers will share their accumulated experience and knowledge on the Energy Sector.

The expertise of Mr Daniel Paccoud, the managing director of French Gas Association and the organizer of the 2015 World Gas Conference, will provide additional knowledge on LNG projects in Europe.

Does the EU need more LNG projects to meet its demand?
European gas consumption has grown more than 70% since 1990, with the power sector a key growth area. If Europe is to meet its energy demand over the next couple of decades then Natural gas might be an alternative essential source providing the pathway to secure this commodity is of low cost. Indeed LNG is cleaner than coal or oil but due to its capital intensive nature, the decisions making process in the LNG industry can be quiet complex (e.g. the value chain or deciding on new projects). Hence, Mr Paccoud will elaborate on the current situation of LNG projects taking place on the old continent, by discussing the gas liquefaction techniques, the storage, the transportation and the revaporization of LNG.

The influence of LNG on the International Gas Market and Geopolitics canít be ignored any longer. While political instability is a threat to gas transportation via pipelines across multiple borders, the demand for LNG has increased as a result of this security issues the World is facing. Expert knowledge on this topic will be shared by Ian Cronshaw, head of the International Energy Agency's Energy Diversification Division. Further, he will present his views on current issues such as the convergence of LNG markets in Europe, Asia and North America, the LNG market development and the geopolitical landscape change with LNG.

Additionally IEA estimates that Europe harbors approximately 35 trillion cubic meter of unconventional natural gas, and the use of the 6 main categories of this resource in the EU will be addressed at The LNG Forum by Dr Gabriel Marquette the Schlumberger EU & Industry Relations Director and President of EUROGIA. Furthermore He will present his views on the environmental impact regarding the drilling methods used to gain access to unconventional gas, due to the fact that it does not flow as freely as gas from traditional reservoirs.

The future growth prospects of LNG are promising from the economic and environmental perspective in comparison to the oil industry. New Market players are battling for market share while established ones are seeking to maintain to current position. Irina Y. Akimova the corresponding member of the academy of technological sciences of the Russian federation will contribute her substantial knowledge to the forum which includes developing strategic decisions for major players of the Russian gas market and all other aspects concerning market regulation of the oil and gas industry.

This forum taking place in Barcelona on 2nd - 3rd of February 2011 and will provide a unique opportunity to share and gain knowledge about the impact of LNG on the global gas market. In addition to showcasing best practices (i.e. transport and storage facilities) in the LNG market, the forum will feature industry-leading dialogue among regulators, utility companies, and the financial community, which will yield important insights for all who are discussing LNGís future growth.

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Gas Processing: LNG Processing

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