Non Destructive Testing Masterclass NDT 2011

12-15 June 2011. Organized by Marcus Evans
Testing & Inspection: Non Destructive Testing
Location: United Arab Emirates Le Royal Meridian, Abu Dhabi,
Date: 6/8/2011

Organizer: Marcus Evans
Tel: 00603 2723 6757
Fax: 00603 2723 6699

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While originally Non-destructive Testing (NDT) was applied only for safety reasons, it is today widely accepted as a cost saving technique in the quality assurance process. NDT is a complex procedure that is not easily definable by a few simple words. Technically defined, Non-destructive Testing is the use of an interrogative medium to non-invasively determine the integrity of a material, component or structure. In general terms, NDT is the inspection or measurement of a material without damage to the item.

NDT is used to ensure safety and quality, increase production and serviceability and to extend the life of equipment and systems components. When conducted well, NDT can provide useful information to assist in the management of plant and machinery safety. On the other hand, If NDT is not applied correctly; the results are likely to give a false impression of the integrity and may compromise on the safety of plant and machinery.

This NDT Masterclass will provide participants with a platform to asses the key issues of NDT measures and applications that will help develop a clear perspective of the factors influencing the choice of testing measures and results analysis for machinery, plants and case studies from past NDT applications.

Testing & Inspection: Non Destructive Testing

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