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4th Asia LNG Forum 2011

26-28 July 2011. Organized by CBI-China
Gas Processing: LNG Processing
Location: China Dalian, Liaoning Province
Date: 7/26/2011

Organizer: ENMORE China
Tel: 0086 0 21 5155 1231
Fax: 0086 0 21 5118 1390

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Asian LNG imports saw a temporary decline of 2.9% in 2009 amid economic recession. However, as regional economy quickly improved and countries increased fuel consumption to meet manufacturing demand, LNG imports powerfully rebounded by 12% in 2010. Robust demand underpinned global LNG price hikes. Japan, the world No.1 LNG importer, was badly hurt by the recent nuclear crisis triggered by a devastating quake. The sharp increase in Japanese imports fueled the uptrend of international LNG spot and futures market prices. Also, worries on the safety issues of nuclear power and immature solar and wind energies make natural gas a favorable low-carbon alternative. In 2011, Asian LNG imports might continue to increase by 50% and its demand increment will account for nearly 50% of globe.

To capture the new demand of Asia, international producers are scrambling for exportable NG resources. Dramatic changes are taking place in the fastest growing market. We have new suppliers, new pipelines and new LNG receiving stations. Will Asia soon meet an era of natural gas?

China, an economic engine in Asia and even the world, has made great breakthroughs in its natural gas market in the latest decade. In view of the fast regional gas pipeline construction and improvements in the way of urban and rural residential energy consumption, China’s natural gas consumption is expected to have a year-on-year increase of 20% to 130 billion cubic meters in 2011. If this growth rate could be maintained, China’s natural gas consumption would increase to 260 billion cubic meters by 2015. If so, how to make proper development policies and set objectives for Chinese natural gas industry? How to develop new gas supply channels? How to enhance R&D and introduction of new NG technologies? How to improve the management levels of NG operation companies to guarantee the healthy and fast development of the industry? All these are problems enterprises shall ponder over.

About the event

4th Asia LNG Forum is a grant annual event in world energy industry which brings together decision-makers and professionals in Asia NG market. The forum aims to serve as a platform of academic and business exchanges to promote the healthy and fast development of regional and international NG industries. It has attracted nearly 1,000 attendees from government authorities and multinational oil and gas companies in China, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Russia, India, Britain, Germany, America and France since 2008. Delegates exchanged views on Asian LNG market fundamentals, technology and management and paid a visit to Huaneng Combustion Power Plant and Yangshan Deep-water Port, Shanghai. Attendees said they were impressed by the site-tour and commented the conference was very successful after the conference. They thought the updating and improvement of the event is very important to Asian NG industry against the background of low-carbon economy.

The fourth Asia LNG Forum will, based on its previous success, continue to cover the latest development of world energy market and invite industry leaders, policy makers and professionals to share their perspectives into market fundamentals, trade, technology, management and market cooperation. We believe they insights will help attendees have an all-round understanding of the Asian NG market.


Day One, July 26, 2011
14:30-17:30 Registration
Day Two, July 27, 2011
09:00-09:15 Opening remarks
09:15-12:00 Theme 1?Global NG market trend in low-carbon era
Global energy market outlook in low-carbon era
Forecast of world economy
Development trend of Asian energy market
Forecast of NG demand

International Energy Agency (IEA)

China’s adjustment on NG development strategy
China’s energy solution to low-carbon economy
Development orientation of NG industry
NG price reform
JIANG Xinmin, Deputy Director, Energy Research Institute, NDRC, China
10:15-10:30 Coffee break and networking
Perspective into PetroChina’s LNG strategy from Dalian Project
China’s LNG development history
PetroChina’s LNG strategy
Introduction to Dalian LNG Project
WANG Lixin, GM, PetroChina Dalian LNG Co., Ltd.
International NG market supply capability study
Changes of international NG industry layout
Influence of unconventional gas
Shell and its supply capability to Asian market
Michiel Kool, Head of Upstream International Business, Royal Dutch / Shell Petroleum Group Asia
Development of LNG and PNG in Indian energy market

ONGC, India
12:00-14:00 Luncheon and networking
14:00-18:00 Theme 2 LNG development in regional markets and challenges
World No.1 LNG supplier’s resolution in Asia
Qatargas profile
Adjustment of production and export strategy
The role in Asian market
Faisal Al-Suwaidi, Chairman and CEO, Qatargas Operation Company
New Pattern, New Opportunity, LNG Market after the Japanese nuclear crisis
Japanese LNG demand in post-nuclear crisis era
The selection factors of short-term LNG supply for Japan
Japanese LNG developing strategy in the coming years
Atsunori Takeuchi, Senior VP, LNG Asia-Pacific, Tokyo Gas
Sharing experience on mid/large LNG project design and construction

Foster Wheeler
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
Non-conventional gas --- a leading role in NG world in the future
Non-conventional gas development overview
Impact of the future development of non-conventional gas
Views on Asian market
How Sok Wah, Secretary General of Malaysian Gas Association and Chairman of Coordination Committee, International Gas Union
Recent development and outlook of China’s pipeline gas
Yang Jianhong, Deputy Director, Pipeline Engineering and Planning, CPPEI
Panel discussion: opportunities and challenges to LNG plant in new energy market layout

Moderator: Xinjiang Guanghui
Guests: Chongqing Minsheng, Zhongyuan Green Energy, Xingxing Energy, Suzhou Huafeng, Shanxi Yigao, etc.……
18:00-18:10 Closing address
18:15-20:00 Gala dinner
Day Three, July 28, 2011
08:30-09:00 Refreshment and signing in
09:00-12:30 Theme 3 Improving technology and management to guarantee the health development of NG derivatives market
Opportunities and challenges to China’s urban gas undertaking in low-carbon era
Outlook of China’s urban gas undertaking in the 12th five-year plan period (2011-15)
Development objectives of the 12th five-year plan
Chi Guojing, Secretary General, China Gas Association (China Resources Gas, Xin’ao and Hong Kong & China Gas Co., Ltd.)
Management innovation, improving operation efficiency of urban gas pipeline network
Ou Dajiang, President, Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd.
Urban gas pipeline network operation risks and measures
Shenyang Gas Co., Ltd.
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
Discussion on emergency repairing schemes for NG pipeline
Zhao Yongmo, Vice Director, Pipeline Division, Sinopec Gas Company
Innovative solutions to gas safety test
Pergam-Suisse AG
Smart gas grid system--- Frontier technology in the worldwide
Integrated solution to LNG and PNG engineering and digital automation
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) in Gas grid
Intelligent Control and Management of Difference between Purchase and Sale Quantities of Natural Gas
John Berra, President, Emerson Process Management
12:30-14:30 Luncheon and networking
15:00-17:00 A Site tour to PetroChina Dalian LNG Co., Ltd.

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Gas Processing: LNG Processing

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