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4th African Gas-LNG Week 2012

22-23 May 2012. Organized by Global Pacific & Partners
Gas Processing: LNG Processing
Location: United Kingdom London
Date: 5/22/2012

Organizer: Global Pacific & Partners
Tel: 0031 70 324 6154
Fax: 0031 70 324 1741

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Africa's gas-LNG game has come of age, with over 30 African countries holding gas resources, and 20 now with proven reserves, with more entering into production, and gas discoveries both proliferating and often large, some of world-class dimension. Companies have upgraded their gas portfolio, redesigned strategies and enhanced investments in domestic and pipeline export gas, targeting Atlantic LNG Markets and Europe-destined gas consumers, as well as GTL in selected locales, in some instances synfuels for local offtake, and engaging a widening list of gas-power projects with independent private power, across a range of related cross-border markets.

Meanwhile, corporates, investors and financiers now tartet the gas-rich Maghreb and the Gulf of Guinea (with many gas monetisation projects in the pipeline, along with LNG ventures). Southern Africa's offsore and onshore in shale gas and CMB, as well as the highly-promising East African frontier margins offshore and for onshore gas-power, soon probably to be a focus for potential LNG ventures for Asian markets.

Our 4th African Gas 2012 builds on our unrivalled track record in and on Africa, deep industry knowledge-base, world-class conferencing with seamless delivery, extensive executive networks across the African Continent and worldwide on Six Continents, direct business and advisory experience in over 45 countries north and south of the Sahara, and over three decades of research in the global oil and gas business.

Gas Processing: LNG Processing

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