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5th Asia LNG Forum 2012

18-20 July 2012. Organized by CBI China
Gas Processing: LNG Processing
Location: China Dalian
Date: 7/18/2012

Organizer: ENMORE China
Tel: 0086 0 21 5155 0719
Fax: 0086 0 21 5118 1390

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Natural gas, as a kind of low carbon energy stands in front of the stage of energy when the whole world concern about the safety of nuclear and the bottleneck of development in solar and wind energy. Globally, Qatar has turned its strategy to Asian LNG market, and signed long-term supply agreement with South Korea, China and Pakistan. Korea Gas Corporation signed a 20-year contract with the Cheniere regarding LNG trading. As the 4th largest export country, Australia has 8 LNG projects under construction. It could cater the 10% of Chinese demand when they are finished. Asia Pacific is becoming the key market of world LNG!

Turn to domestic market, in the year 2011, the newly-built Rudong LNG terminal in Jiangsu Province and Xingang LNG terminal in Dalian went into operation. Subsequently, we got the good news that Ningbo LNG terminal in Zhejiang Province, Tangshan project in Hebei Province and Qingdao LNG terminal in Shandong Province would be in use soon. It is estimated that 10 LNG terminals will be planned in southeast coast cities, and the capacity will reach 45 million tons/ year. Besides, for domestic LNG plants, 30 newly-built ones will finish construction and expansion. By the year 2012 or early 2013, the capacity of these domestic LNG plants will reach over 2000 million cubic meters/day, which is twice in the year 2010. All new projects tell us that LNG will become the main drive of future natural gas market! The LNG resource becomes diversified gradually, and the price formation is getting more and more complicated. It speeds up natural gas price reforming in the nation, and Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces have been listed among the name of reforming samples which is a great breakthrough of price reforming.

The development of the LNG industry cannot be separated by supply and demand. According to China’s “12th Five-Year Plan”, to the year 2015, China natural gas for power generation installed capacity will reach 60 million kilowatts. In addition, natural gas distributed generation is also the priority of the plan. What’s more, natural gas vehicles, marine and LNG cold energy utilization has also become ahot topic in the industry!

5th Asia LNG Forum 2012 will be held on 18th -20th July, 2012 with the topic of “Clean Energy, Clean Times”. We will focus on the market trend of LNG in Asia, especially the supply and demand in China. Also, we will pay attention with you how China respond to “Clean energy application” in 2011-2015. The forum will help you have a good command of the market dynamics and commercial strategies!

Event Features
- Asia Pacific resource and demand scenario and outlook
- Tracing the footprint of Chinese LNG Projects
- Natural gas price reforming pilot experience
- Natural gas distributed power generation
- LNG for vehicles and marine

Event Agenda:
Day One / July 18th Wednesday Morning
10:00—12:00 Conference registration & Free communication
12:00—14:00 Lunch Buffet

Day One / July 18th Wednesday Afternoon
14:00—14:15 Opening Speech
Global view: insightful analysis of LNG market

14:15—14:55 Global supply of LNG and development trend
- Supply of the world’s biggest exporters, such as Qatar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and Nigeria. Comparison of main trade flows between 2010 and 2011.
- Influence that unconventional natural gas brings upon LNG
- Analysis of LNG price and forecast

14:55—15:35 Impact that foreign and domestic LNG markets bring on natural gas industry in China
- Unconventional natural gas industry in Australia emerged; Qatar shifted the market to Asia-Pacific; Fukushima event drove up Japan’s demand for natural gas… current and possible changes in the Asia-Pacific LNG market will be analyzed; their influence upon the domestic market will be parsed.
- Import of LNG VS domestic capacity Opportunities and challenges that China’s LNG market is facing

15:35--16:15 Coffee Break

16:15—16:55 C1 will brief you on domestic LNG market
? In recent years, unconventional natural gas industry has enjoyed a fast development: many LNG factories have been established; receiving port of LNG is developing very fast; import resource and channels have become more and more diverse. What kind of changes will happen in China’s LNG industry?
- Analysis of demand and supply of domestic LNG and its price
- Vehicle LNG, distributed energy… clean energy is replacing other energies. Will the demand for natural gas experience another round of fast growth?
- Analysis of development prospect

16:55—17:35 How can private companies enter into LNG industry
- Challenges and opportunities entailed in the entrance of private companies into LNG industry
- Experience sharing on how to enter import market
- Thinking on the participation of private companies in the import of LNG

18:00—20:00 Gala Dinner
Day Two / July 19th Thursday Morning
Application pattern of multi-resources LNG
09:30—10:10 Trial reform of national natural gas price
- Current pricing mode of natural gas and its influence
- Introduction of trial reform in Guangdong and Guangxi
- Suggestions on the reform of natural gas

10:10—10:50 Design of LNG Liquefaction plant
It has been 10 years since the establishment of the first LNG Liquefaction plant in 2001 by Zhongyuan Oil Field, during which enormous achievements have been made.
- Briefing on the technical standard of LNG industry in developed countries
- Background and principle of compiling “Design Standard of LNG Liquefaction plant”
- Discussion on the design of Liquefaction plant: technique process, site selection, general layout and reserve area, etc.

10:50—11:20 Coffee Break
11:20—11:50 Introduction of LNG project
Many domestic LNG factories have been streamed on or are being constructed. It’s estimated that there are 30 projects that will come on stream, with capacity of 20 million cubic meters / day. Compared with 2011, the capacity has been doubled. LNG is sure to be the backbone of natural gas market.
- Project demand
- Introduction of techniques used in LNG Liquefaction plant
- Influence after the establishment of projects
- Plan of expansion and new projects

11:50—12:20 Infrastructure of imported LNG—introduction of costal receiving station projects at ports By 2011, there are 5 operational LNG receiving stations in China: CNOOC Guangdong Dapong, Fujian Putian, Shanghai Yangshan Port LNG receiving station; CNPC Jiangsu Rudong and Dalian Xingang LNG receiving station; it’s estimated that by 2015, 10 LNG receiving stations will be established in southeast coastal areas, and total capacity will exceed 45 million tons/year.
- Analysis of imported LNG
- Introduction of project process of receiving stations
- Future prospect and layout of receiving stations

? 12:20—14:00 Lunch Buffet
Day Two / July 19th Thursday Afternoon
14:00—14:40 Research on the marine floating LNG receiving terminal
In recent 2 years, demand for natural gas was growing tremendously in Zhujiang and Yangtze River Delta. Construction of infrastructure takes time, while resources are tight, land cost are high in these areas, posing great difficulties in choosing the site. Therefore, the marine floating LNG receiving terminal is suitable to the coastal areas, where land resources are very limited.
- Review of finished FSRU and FSRU under construction
- Flexible suppliers of natural gas
- Contemplation on operational FSRU and FSUR under construction in China
- Development potential of marine floating LNG receiving station

14:40—15:10 Advanced solutions for port floating receiving stations
Discussion on the application of clean energy

15:10—15:50 Analysis of the development of distributed energy
The Chinese government is committed to lowering the emission of carbon dioxide by 40-50% by 2020 based on the level of 2005. It’s laid out unequivocally in the “12th Five Year Plan” that “general consumption of energy should be controlled reasonably; regulation on the consumption of energy should be strict”. Therefore, promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction will be the top priority in the government’s agenda. Development of distributed energy is of significant importance.
- Technical basis of distributed energy
- Application prospect of distributed energy in China
- Challenges in developing distributed energy and relevant suggestions

15:50—16:30 Outlook on the development of LNG ship
In terms of the application of LNG in ships, it is rarely popular across the world. Only a small number of ferries or ships with set haulage use LNG as the fuel, which are common to a limited number of countries, such as Norway. Application of LNG as vessel fuel will be the focus of maritime research in the next 10 years

- Advantages of using LNG as vessel fuel
- Challenges and opportunities in using LNG as vessel fuel
- Development prospect of LNG vessel

16:30—17:00 Coffee Break
17:00—17:40 Market analysis of LNG vehicle
The retention of natural gas vehicle is in the increase. It’s expected to reach 10 million in the “12th Five Year Plan” period. Pollution of vehicle emissions will be more devastating, compound with the short supply of fuel oil; people are scrambling to find new vehicle fuels. Natural gas is considered to be the best alternative of fuel oil.
- Distribution of LNG filing stations in China
- Main problems and trends in developing LNG vehicle
- Experience of promoting LNG vehicle

17:40—18:20 Development analysis of LNG shipping
Shipping market is an important link in LNG trading; what impact will the development of shale gas bring on the shipping market?
- Trend analysis of LNG trading and shipping market
- Transportation capability of LNG shipping market and future demand growth
- Impact of short and long-term trade bring on LNG shipping

18:30 Closing of the conference

Day Three / July 20 Friday
08:00 —18:00 Site Tour

For more event information, please visit:
Contacts: Ms. Yvonne Dai
Tel: 86-21-5155 0719

Gas Processing: LNG Processing

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