20th Latin Oil Week/ Latin Upstream 2014

1-3 September 2014, Organized by Global Pacific & Partners
Oil Field Services: Exploration
Location: Brazil Rio de Janeiro
Date: 9/1/2014

Organizer: Global Pacific & Partners
Tel: + 31703246154
Fax: + 31703241741

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With a 35 year track record in the global oil and gas industry, Global Pacific & Partners hosts its 20th Latin Oil Week/ Upstream 2014 Conference from 1-3 September 2014 at the Copacabana Palacel, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

Our 20th Latin Upstream Conference 2014 is a key annual event for the Latin American Continent, to be augmented by its special twentieth anniversary, as the longest-running such event in and/or on Latin America, alongside the widely-acclaimed 10th Latin Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 2014.

The Conference focuses on Latin America’s oil, gas and energy landscapes and corporate/state upstream strategies, evaluating in-depth a range of near to long-term exploration, development, investment and strategy perspectives now in play, their potential upstream impacts, and how private and state oil/gas companies and Governments as well as Licensing Agencies will reshape Latin America in the world upstream game.

“this vast arena, from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego, contains enormous oil/gas reserves and further potential in hydrocarbons as well as unconventional opportunities, while corporate interests from Super-Majors and Independents as well as local and foreign National Oil Companies has made this a competitive play, yet issues remain: including resource nationalism (as in Venezuela, Argentina and Ecuador), fiscal take and regulation, and the need to attract companies and investors via independent licensing ..”

With major oil and gas opportunities in countries with independent licensing agencies such as Brazil, Colombia and Peru, plus new frontiers with discovery and further oil potential along the Transform Margins of French Guyane and Suriname, large and expanding pre-salt reserves in Atlantic basins, and exploration ventures and company investors growing across Latin America.

With some of the world’s fastest-growing oil and gas reserves found in Latin America – plus huge unconventional resources in oil and gas – the Continent will see major capital investment projects across the region, despite resource nationalism initiatives in Argentina and Venezuela, to accommodate acreage openings, new oil/gas and LNG projects, plus huge gas developments in gas-prone onshore and offshore basins, as well as rising corporate deal-flow, so ensuring that this high-level and annual meeting – celebrating twenty years of upstream focus - will once again highlight significant opportunities for companies, state oil players, Governments and investors, financiers and traders across the Latin American value chain.

Oil Field Services: Exploration

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