10th Europe Upstream

2-4 June 2014, Organized by Global Pacific & Partners
Oil Field Services: Exploration
Location: Germany Berlin
Date: 6/2/2014

Organizer: Global Pacific & Partners
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With our established and proven 35+ year oil and gas industry track-record, Global Pacific & Partners is pleased to host its 10th Europe Upstream Roundtable, one of a kind, in London.

This intensive high-focus Roundtable explores exploration, development, and production in the European-Eurasian oil and gas domain, local and imported oil/gas and energy resources, reserve growth inside Europe, corporate hydrocarbon strategies and new technologies, key oil/gas markets on the continent, new ventures, bid rounds, open acreage, emerging deal-flow, state initiatives, key power/ energy investments, the evolution of shale gas/tight oil projects, as well as oil/energy law and energy finance, petroleum contracts, terms and licensing strategies, and related global industry trends.

Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman of the Board, Global Pacific & Partners) remarked: “From Greenland to Siberia, Norway to Southern Europe, and Portugal to Turkey, there are multiple opportunities found in the upstream game – open acreage, farm-in opportunities, large projects, corporate portfolio in strategic adjustment, state energy players active, and foreign state oil companies found as investors and partners – so making the vast onshore and offshore zones of Europe-Eurasia a vibrant and critical piece of the global oil/gas architecture. Gas issues, including shale, have become more critical, as well as LNG strategies. With Europe’s vital connections of strategic importance to the world, notably to the Mediterranean and North Africa, and to the rich oil and gas heartlands of Russia and Central Asia, the Old Continent is in a transitional stage, especially as the world upstream is reshaped”.

This 10th Europe Upstream Roundtable follows prior-related events held before, since 1996, that engaged Europe at-large, within both our Third Millennium Petroleum and World Upstream Conferences, in both of which high-focus was placed on Europe’s oil and gas companies and exploration interests from Portugal to the Mediterranean, on to Eastern Europe and Russia – these together exceeding over twenty meetings.

Our 10th Europe Upstream Roundtable continue this tradition, and provides historical continuity to the two decades over which our firm has showcased Europe and deeply engaged with its corporate players, governments, national oil companies and oil/gas value-chain interests from the Old Continent. Typically earlier events brought together between 150-250 delegates each – from super-majors, independents, governments and licensing agencies, financial institutions, investors and the service/ supply industry.

Our 14 Confirmed Speakers for Europe Upstream Roundtable include, with post-Conference luncheon and networking:
- Takashi Yoshida, Director General, Research & Analysis, JOGMEC, Tokyo
- Simon Lunn, Technical Director & Founding Partner, Hansa Hydrocarbons, London
- Hugh Mackay, Chief Executive Officer, Europa Oil & Gas, London
- Bernard Cociancig, Chief Executive Officer, International, MND Group, Prague
- Yannis Grigoriou, General Manager, Exploration and Production, Hydrocarbons, Hellenic Petroleum, Athens
- Georgi Rudko, Chairman of Commission, State Commission of Ukraine on Natural Resources, Kiev, Ukraine
- David French, President & CEO, Bankers Petroleum, Calgary
- Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman of the Board, Global Paci!c & Partners, Nicosia, Cyprus
- Babette van Gessel, President, International Licensing Association, The Hague
- Francis Ghiles, Senior Research Fellow, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, CIDOB, Paris
- Ian Cross, Managing Director, Moyes & Co, Houston
- Philippe Auzas, Advocate, Bonna Auzas Avocats, Paris
- Nick Holloway, Senior Director, Upstream Opportunities, IHS, London
- Bijan Khajehpour, Senior Associate, Menas Associates, London

Oil Field Services: Exploration

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