FPSO & FLNG Asia 2014

4-5 December 2014, Orgainzed by China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)
Offshore Construction: FPSO Vessels and Equipment
Location: China Shanghai
Date: 12/4/2014

Organizer: China Decision Makers Consultancy (CDMC)
Tel: +86 21 68407631
Fax: +86 21 68407632

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The world of oil and gas production, specifically FPSO, is in a transitional state. Increases in deepwater exploration and drilling over the past six-plus years have resulted in a large number of new discoveries, which will now require development solutions. Market forecasts suggest there are more than 200 offshore oil and gas projects in the planning and study phases, which will require floating production solutions. The majority of these will likely be FPSOs.

As for exploring gas field in deepwater, FLNG has the potential to unlock significant reserves of stranded natural gas - provided challenges to its development, implementation and operation are successfully cleared. Without FLNG, stranded gas would not otherwise be economical to monetize due to its geographic location, whether in terms of remoteness or deepwater or relatively small size. In each case, physical impossibility and/or high capital costs mitigate against monetization. By eliminating the need to build a costly fixed pipeline or other infrastructure, FLNG removes a major obstacle in bringing “stranded” gas to market.

There is substantial commonality of issues between oil FPSO and LNG vessels, which include hull design, mooring system, tank sloshing, marinisation of equipment, ship-to-ship transfers of liquids and maintenance in harsh, off-shore conditions. With this in mind, FPSO & FLNG Asia 2014, which is scheduled for 4-5 December 2014 in Shanghai China, will perform as the leading platform for major industry players to map out winning strategies. FFA 2014 will help you to better gauge the pulse of Asian FPSO & FLNG industry and further identify the strategic role of Asia in your global business plan.

Key Issues to be Discussed Including:
- Current Status and Development Prospect of FPSO & FLNG Industry in Asia
- Analyzing the Opportunities & Challenges of FPSO & FLNG: the Path to Success
- Showcasing Cost-Effective FPSO and FLNG Technologies & Equipments
- FPSO and FLNG Business Opportunities from Offshore Developments
- Defining the Unique Challenges and Meeting the Demand for FPSO & FLNG

Why you should attend FFA in 2014?
- Seize the unique opportunity to network with the leading executives
- Participate in workshops on the latest strategies, share best practices with your market peers
- Discuss all the pressing issues other industry expert
- Access a comprehensive overview and debate how it can be improved
- Establish partnerships with the most important solution providers doing – or planning to do – business in the region

Offshore Construction: FPSO Vessels and Equipment

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