Indonesia Decommissioning in Oil & Gas Conference 2015 (IndoDecomm2015)

13-14 August 2015, Organized by Lima Convex
Oil Field Services: Oil & Gas Companies
Location: Indonesia Bandung
Date: 8/13/2015

Organizer: PT. Adhouse Indonesia Cipta
Tel: +62 812 1927 9696

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ASR (Abandonment and Site Restoration) activity is one of the activities in the Oil & Gas cycle project which is in the final phase of closure activities, and given to PSC (Production Sharing Contract) between the PSC Contractors and the Government of Indonesia. The primary activity of ASR is the implementation of well plugging and abandonment as well as decommissioning facilities including pipelines and restorations.

65% of the equipment is over 30 years old. This includes platforms, pipelines and wells.
- 500 platforms of small, medium and large sizes
- 100.000 km long pipelines
- 15.000 wells both onshore and offshore

Upstream Oil & Gas activities at the time of the cessation of production (post-operation) will leave the production facility and other supporting facilities that have been used for production activities, therefore they are potentially be an obstacle or endanger other activities in the region, among other activities of transportation, agriculture, marine navigation, exploration and natural resources research.

Therefore, the PSC must conduct an abandonment to the Production Facility and other supporting facilities that have been used for Upstream Oil & Gas activities and site restoration to the area of Upstream Oil & Gas at the time of cessation of production.

Conference Topic (13 14 August 2015):
- Well Plugging and Abandonment (Leaving the Well Permanently)
- Platform & Pipeline Decommissioning (Unloading Platforms and Conduits)
- Site Clearances (Cleaning the Area/Region)
- Regulation and Permits
- Technical Approval from GOI (Government of Indonesia)
- Write-off Approval from GOI (Government of Indonesia)
- Readiness of Banking and Insurance Industries
- Readiness of Upstream Oil & Gas Supporting Industries

Workshop (12 August 2015):
- Gain a broad overview of the entire decommissioning process to set a benchmark for the industry insight and project case studies to follow.
- Assess the key factors affecting decommissioning and understand how these factors interact from regulation and law to HSE and Project Management.
- Understand some of the recent developments, which have taken place across the Asia-Pacific region to assess the level of activity and the types of projects taking place.

Oil Field Services: Oil & Gas Companies

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