Drainage Systems Asia Summit 2016

23-26 August 2016, Organized by Equip Global Pte Ltd
Chemicals Intermediates and Ingredients: Water Treating
Location: Singapore 
Date: 8/23/2016

Organizer: Equip Global Pte Ltd

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Climate change and urbanisation are putting a lot of pressures and requirements to improve city drainage infrastructure due to their limited capacity and flexibility to adapt to climatic variability and cities’ explosive growth. Climate change represents future impacts on urban water systems in the variability of water runoff and urban flooding. Meanwhile, the most magnificent urbanisation ever seen is happening in Asia both in terms of land areas and population, with 200 million people moving into cities over the last decade, while cities keep doubling their population and APAC is home to more than half of the world’s mega-cities.

In areas where drainage systems are under-developed, poorly drained storm water, floodwater and wastewater could easily lead to surface water run-off which causes flooding, pollutions, high flows; as well as stagnant pools that breed the diseases; pollute ground water; damage water supply infrastructure.

Taking place between 23-26th August 2016, Drainage Systems Asia Summit 2016 will make an Asia’s premier networking and learning platform for Water utilities companies, Government Ministries & Agencies responsible for drainage, stormwater management & sewerage systems, Departments of Public Works, Global Drainage Contractors and other key stakeholders to discuss and share insightful experiences on existing and recently completed drainage infrastructure projects around the world, best practices in sustainable urban drainage system design, lessons learned in flood & stormwater management as well drainage system innovation so that you could improve the planning, design, maintenance and enhancement of your drainage systems, as well as identifying new opportunities for your organization.

To get a copy of the Conference brochure, please email to enquiry@equip-global.com.

Chemicals Intermediates and Ingredients: Water Treating

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