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Future Energy Central Africa

2-3 October, Organized by Spintelligent
Energy Commodities
Location: Cameroon Yaoundé
Date: 10/2/2017

Organizer: Spintelligent
Tel: (+27) 21 700 3500
Fax: (+27) 21 700 3501

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Future Energy Central Africa is a two day regional strategic conference that will allow neighbouring Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe to share their expertise, project developments and plans in order to facilitate regional grid integration. This two day conference and supplier exhibition will support the new up and coming energy sector in Central Africa.

This exclusive platform is a unique chance for delegates to identify potential business opportunities in response to an increasing power demand from the consumer and industry, enjoying rich and diversified energy resources. Alongside the conference and sponsor-led table top showcase is a CEO roundtable gathering government officials from every member of the CEMAC region and representatives of investments and financial institutions. Formerly iPAD Cameroon, Future Energy Central Africa’s goal is to become the regional platform for power and utility development, welcoming private developers, IPPs, and investors within the region, to facilitate regional grid extension, pricing and infrastructure development.

Future Energy Central Africa is a strategic forum tailored to C-level executives and senior representatives exclusively. The vast majority of this audience has buying power and is an integral part of the purchasing cycle. Situated in the heart of Africa, this region is characterised by the paradox of abundant energy resources and a low electrification rate. To address this issue, the region has adopted an inter-state agreement, the Central African Power Pool (CAPP), which gives rise to many opportunities for the development of generation and transmission of scale: With an electrification rate of 13.4% there is a need for public and private sector.

Involvement, rich in natural resources and potential, Central Africa has 60% of Africa’s hydropower, with a growing population of 152 million and a projected 5% GDP growth for 2017, the region has significant potential, there is a regional appetite for infrastructure – the Central African Power Pool (CAPP) is coordinating an inter-state electricity connection project based on an AfDB $4.6 million study, there is regional drive for developers to explore solar, biogas and mini hydro power opportunities.

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