China Mining Technology and Investment Summit 2010

24-25 June 2010. Organized by Noppen Shanghai Co., Ltd
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Location: China Shangri-la Baotou Hotel, Inner Mongolia
Date: 6/24/2010

Organizer: Noppen Co. Ltd
Tel: 0086 21 6085 1000
Fax: 0086 21 6192 1908

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China's mining industry has opened up massive opportunities for international mining equipment and technology solution providers. The China Mining Technology and Investment Summit 2010, organized by Baotou People's Municipal Government and Noppen, will take place 24-25 June 2010 in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, a featured venue for China's mining industry.

At this summit, government officials, industry leaders, solution providers, project developers and experts from China's mining industries will have in-depth discussions. The topics covered will include mining industry development trends, domestic and international investment opportunities, mining and sustainable development, geological surveys, technologies and equipments.

Topics to be addressed:

The Growth of China’s Mining Industry - A 360°View
• Current and Future Government Policies in the Mining Industry
• China Mines: Investment strategies in the Chinese market
• Integrating Safety and Risk Management into the Business Practice
• Future Outlook: Innovative technologies and equipments
Factors Contributing to Mining Efficiency and Productivity
• Efficient Mine Exploration
• Driving Operational Efficiency Throughout the Whole Value Chain
• Case Study: Zijin Gold Group
• Maximum Value Mining: Mine life management
• Miner’s Perspective: How to achieve a positive ROI from technology investments?
Mining Automation
• Mining Automation: The next generation
• Impact of Mobile Satellite Services on Costs
Mining Safety
• Panel Discussion: How to achieve mining safety in China?
Sustainable & Green Mine Development
• Case Study: Miner’s initiatives
• Workforce Development
• Challenges and Opportunities in China’s Mining Industry

Officially Supported by:
Baotou People's Government of Inner Mongolia
Lying on the Hetao and Tumochuan Flatlands and situated in the northern banks of the Yellow River, Baotou is the largest city in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. Baotou is credited to have the country's largest rare earth industrial base, and is also much famed for its production facilities for steel, iron, machinery, and textiles. Since it is located in the Yinshan-Tianshan region, the area surrounding Baotou is plentiful in mineral resources, and it is estimated to have more than 400 mines of resources such as metals, non metals, and energy.

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For more information please contact:
Catriona Scanlon, Communications Manager
T: +86 21 6085 1000 - F: +86 21 6192 1908

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