BiMEP Berth Reserved for ACHIEVE Programme

Source: 4/8/2024, Location: Europe

• CETO Wave Energy Ireland (CWEI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Carnegie Clean Energy, has signed an Assignment Agreement securing access to a Berth Reservation Agreement at the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP).
• CWEI’s reserved berth (deployment location) will be utilised for the ACHIEVE Programme’s deployment of CETO in 2025. Access to CWEI’s preferred deployment location was enabled by CWEI’s top ranked tender to the third and final phase of the EuropeWave PCP Programme.
• As a leading European offshore testing site, the Biscay Marine Energy Platform (BiMEP) offers ideal conditions for validating the performance of wave energy technologies in an open ocean environment.

Carnegie & CWEI CEO, Jonathan Fiévez, with BiMEP Technical Director, Yago Torre-Enciso Carnegie Clean Energy is pleased to share that its wholly owned subsidiary, CETO Wave Energy Ireland has signed an Assignment Agreement related to the Berth Reservation Agreement between the Biscay Marine Energy Platform S.A. (BiMEP) and Wave Energy Scotland Limited (WES).

The Assignment Agreement,signed by all parties, assignsthe berth reservation rights secured by Wave Energy Scotland, on behalf of the EuropeWave Buyers Group, to CETO Wave Energy Ireland as one of the successful Phase 3 Contractors.

Carnegie and CWEI’s CEO, Jonathan Fiévez, visited the BiMEP team and signed the formal Assignment Agreement during his visit to Bilbao for the WindEurope Conference and meetings with strategic partners.

Following the assignment of the Berth Reservation Agreement, CWEI and BiMEP will now finalise the contract that formalises the details of CWEI’s access to its preferred berth for the ACHIEVE Programme’s deployment of CETO.

Securing CWEI’s access to its preferred BiMEP berth is an important milestone in its pathway towards CETO deployment in 2025. BiMEP provides an open-ocean environment where the team can validate the CETO technology for future commercial projects. Access to BiMEP’s established infrastructure including monitoring, subsea cables and grid connection, ensures the energy generated by CETO will contribute to the Basque Country’s decarbonisation targets.

Carnegie CEO Jonathan Fiévez commented: "Deploying at our selected BiMEP site provides an exciting opportunity for CETO to demonstrate its performance and reliability in a wide variety of sea states. The coast at Armintza in the Basque Country where the BiMEP test site is located is notorious for its intense conditions. While BiMEP's challenging sea states present a rigorous test, they are precisely the reason we chose this location.

CETO technology is uniquely designed to continue to generate electricity in powerful ocean conditions by continually adjusting operating depth, strategies critical to generate consistent energy for the grid.

Successfully demonstrating our technology's performance in a challenging environment is key to validating its robustness and storm survival strategies, positioning CETO as a leading solution for clean energy generation in even the most demanding marine locations. The facilities at BiMEP are world class and we are excited about working with the BiMEP team.”

BiMEP provides a virtual tour of its offshore testing site in Armintza which can be viewed at the link:

Assignment Agreement Details
In August 2022, BIMEP and WES formalised an Agreement to reserve a berth at BiMEP for future EuropeWave Phase 3 Contractors. As provided for in the Berth Reservation Agreement, it was WES’ intention to transfer its rights and obligations under the Agreement to a designated third company, who would then assume those rights and obligations, and subsequently enter into a Contract with BiMEP.

As CWEI is a signatory of a Phase 3 contract of the EuropeWave PCP Programme, it was eligible for assignment of the Berth Reservation Agreement. Therefore, BiMEP, WES and CWEI formalised the transfer of the rights and obligations of the existing Berth Reservation Agreement to CWEI via an Assignment Agreement.

This announcement has been authorised by the Chairman and CEO.

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