BASF is expanding its lineup of biomass-balanced ingredients tailored

Source: 4/15/2024, Location: Europe

BASF’s expanded EcoBalanced portfolio helps customers achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing product performance
Swapping out fossil raw materials for renewable resources reduces carbon footprints

BASF is expanding its biomass-balanced EcoBalanced product range, doubling up on its commitment as a trailblazer in championing environmentally conscious solutions for detergent and cleaning products manufacturers and industrial formulators. In collaboration with customers, BASF is continuing on a mission to expedite the transition from fossil raw materials to renewables. With Care 360° – Solutions for Sustainable Life , the Care Chemicals division is making sustainability a priority and focusing on the issues that are relevant to the future of markets and industries.

"With sustainability demand developing strongly among consumers and European customers setting the bar high, BASF is rising to the occasion by continuously improving our portfolio. Our expanded EcoBalanced portfolio benefits our customers in particular through its reduced carbon footprint. What’s more, our sustainable drop-in solutions provide a product quality and performance identical to that of their conventional counterparts,” says Soeren Hildebrandt, Senior Vice President, Home Care, I&I and Industrial Formulators Europe at BASF.

BASF’s product range for the detergent and cleaning industry as well as industrial formulators will boast around 20 biomass-balanced EcoBalanced products, whose manufacturing process involves replacing the fossil raw materials used at the beginning of the production chain by renewable materials obtained from organic waste and other sources. Mirroring the principle of green electricity, the renewables proportion is attributed to the respective sales products using a certified mass balance method. Depending on the product, the product carbon footprint (PCF)a of items in the EcoBalanced series may shrink by up to one hundred percentb. What’s more, these products perform just as brilliantly as their conventional counterparts, seamlessly replacing them in existing formulations without a need for reformulation. Both the attribution process and the actual EcoBalanced products are TÜV Nord-certified, meeting the standards of the global REDcert² scheme.

The EcoBalanced portfolio is just one example of BASF’s Care Chemicals division’s commitment to tackling tomorrow’s challenges head-on. Sustainability, digitalization, innovation and new approaches to collaboration form the bedrock of Care 360°– Solutions for Sustainable Life.

a) BASF’s product carbon footprint (PCF) calculations for conventional products follow the requirements and guidance given by ISO 14067:2018. A TÜV Rheinland methodology review has certified that the SCOTT PCF methodology developed and used by BASF SE is based on scientific evidence, meets ISO 14067:2018 and the Together for Sustainability PCF policy, and reflects the state of the art (ID no. 0000080389: BASF SE – Certipedia). TÜV Rheinland also confirms that the biomass balance (BMB) PCF calculation method and the associated PCF reduction for BMB-certified products follow the conventional LCA method in accordance with ISO 14067 and the Together for Sustainability (TfS) policy.
b) PCF calculations include biogenic carbon emissions.

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