BP Azerbaijan Updates Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli Operations

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ACG participating interests are: BP (operator – 34.1%), Chevron (10.2%), SOCAR (10%), INPEX (10%), Statoil (8.6%), ExxonMobil (8%), TPAO (6.8%), Devon (5.6%), ITOCHU (3.9%), Hess (2.7%).

During the first 3 quarters of 2009 ACG spent about $540 million in operating expenditure and $723 million in capital expenditure. For the full year we expect to spend about $ 839 million in operating expenditure and $1,639 million in capital expenditure on ACG activities.

During the first 3 quarters of 2009 we produced a total of more than 224 million barrels (more than 30 million tonnes or 822,100 barrels a day (b/d) from the Chirag, Central Azeri, West Azeri, East Azeri and Deep Water Gunashli platforms.

Of the 822,100 barrel daily average production 105,300 b/d came from Chirag, 185,800 b/d from Central Azeri, 275,200 b/d from West Azeri, 139,400 b/d from East Azeri and 116,400 b/d from the Deep Water Gunashli platform. At the end of September 2009:

Chirag had 19 wells in operation (13 oil producers and 6 water injectors) and during the first 3 quarters it produced on average about 105,300 b/d.

Central Azeri (CA) had 18 wells (13 oil producers and 5 gas injectors) and during the first 3 quarters it produced 185,800 b/d. A comprehensive review of the gas release incident that occurred last September and subsequent remedial works have resulted in bringing the level of production on CA to over 220,000 b/d from 12 wells.

West Azeri (WA) had 18 wells (14 of which are oil producers and 4 water injectors – since the latest update one water injector has been converted to a producer) and during the first 3 quarters it produced around 275,200 b/d. East Azeri (EA) had 13 wells (9 of which are producers and 4 water injectors) and during the first 3 quarters it produced around 139,400 b/d.

Deep Water Gunashli (DWG) had 17 wells (9 producers and 8 water injectors) and during the first 3 quarters it produced around 116,400 b/d of oil.

Associated gas
In 2009, BP as operator of the ACG field has continued to supply associated gas via the 28” gas subsea pipeline from three platforms (CA, WA and EA) to the Sangachal terminal and into Azerigas’ national grid system for domestic use. Some of the associated gas produced from the Chirag platform was sent to the SOCAR compression station at the Oil Rocks via the existing 16 inch subsea gas pipeline. The rest of the associated gas from the ACG platforms was sent via in-field subsea gas pipelines to the compression and water injection platform (C&WP) for re-injection to maintain pressure in the reservoir. Gas injection activities currently continue from four wells on CA.

Since the beginning of this year we have delivered about 392 million standard cubic feet (11.1 million cubic metres) per day of ACG associated gas to SOCAR. Our plan was to hand over a minimum of 1.45 billion cubic metres of associated gas to SOCAR in 2009, and we have already exceeded this amount by delivering around 3 billion cubic meters during the first 3 quarters of 2009.

Chirag: In April 2009 we completed oil producer A12v. In July we completed oil producer conventional sidetrack well (A20z). We are currently working to sidetrack A-08z injector well to convert it into A-08y oil producer.

Central Azeri: CA recovery activities will continue throughout 2009.

West Azeri: In May we completed a water injector - C20z and in August we completed an oil producer well - C21 on the north flank of the field. The plan for the rest of the year is to drill and complete another water injector - C22 and an oil producer - C19.

East Azeri: Drilling operations continued on EA with the completion of the water injection well D15. This was followed by a successful work-over on D09. Currently, we are drilling another producer - D14 with the expectation of completing it during November. By the end of the year we plan to spud an additional water injector well - D17.

Deep Water Gunashli (DWG): Following the completion of the pre-drilled wells programme with all 10 pre-drill wells now operational and upon performing the first driving campaign, we completed the first platform well - E11z in August. Currently we are drilling an oil producer well - E12 on the south flank of the field. In addition, we plan to spud E13 well which is estimated to be finished in 2010.

In addition, the Dada Gorgud has continued drilling and completion operations within the DWG subsea water injection drilling programme.

The Dada Gorgud has already drilled and completed H01z/y, H02 and H04 wells. Currently we are drilling the F-04 water injector well. We will continue these operations throughout this year and by August 2010 for the remaining one well on the East, two wells on the North and one well on the South manifold.

Export operations
Oil and gas from ACG and Shah Deniz continue to flow via subsea pipelines to the Sangachal terminal. The capacity of the terminal’s overall processing systems is currently 1.2 million barrels of oil and 25.5 million cubic metres of Shah Deniz gas per day (about 39.5 million cubic metres in total) per day.

During the first nine months of 2009 on average the terminal exported over 941,400 (ACG, SD and Tengiz) barrels of oil and condensate and over 17.5 million cubic metres (619.6 million standard cubic feet) of Shah Deniz gas per day. Oil is transported from the Sangachal terminal to the global markets, principally via the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC), gas is exported via the South Caucasus Pipeline (SCP) and via a SOCAR gas pipeline connecting the terminal’s gas processing facilities and Azerigas’s national grid system.

The Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP) is also operational and during the three quarters of 2009 it carried over 85,000 barrels of oil per day to the Supsa Terminal on the Black Sea.

The terminal’s highest daily export rate in 2009 was on September 23 when Sangachal processed and exported 1,112,400 barrels of oil (of this 946,297 barrels went into BTC, 89,967 barrels went into WREP and the remaining 76,138 barrels were exported by rail.

ACG construction works
ACG construction activities have continued on schedule and according to plan.

Following installation and commissioning of the South and North manifold water injection systems, which allowed water injection start-up through six wells at Deepwater Gunashli (DWG) last summer, we also installed DWG East manifold, laid and tied in the flexible flow-lines, installed the Subsea Umbilical Distribution Skid (SUDS) and laid and pulled-in the Umbilical.

To date, we have completed the installation and commissioning of the water injection systems for a total of nine DWG wells – three on North, three on South and three on East manifolds. The installation and commissioning of the systems for a further five wells is scheduled to be completed by the third quarter of 2010 - one of these is at the East, three are at the North and one is on the South manifolds. Altogether, this will allow us to inject approximately 500,000 b/d of water per day into the DWG reservoir through 14 subsea wells drilled from three subsea drilling centres which are located between 3.2 kilometers and 5.2 kilometers from the DWG platform.

Development of these subsea facilities marks the first significant subsea development in the Caspian Sea and paves the way for future Caspian subsea developments in ACG, Shah Deniz and elsewhere.

At Sangachal, work progressed on completion and commissioning of the produced water facilities as part of the Sangachal Terminal Expansion Programme (STEP). We completed the early export phases (1-3) of the project in late 2008 and started exporting water to Central Azeri in March 2009. Re-injection into the ACG field started in early July 2009. Phases 4 and 5 of the onshore plant were handed over to operations in mid-September 2009.

The new gas dew point control unit (DPCU2) for ACG associated gas is currently in start-up operations which we expect to continue into the first quarter of 2010.

Future major projects plans include:
- To accommodate additional well tie-ins installation, the commissioning of DWG East manifold extended to 1Q 2010
- Installation and commissioning of additional DWG water injection facilities on the North and South manifolds - 4Q 2009 and 1Q-3Q 2010
- move the Chirag Oil Project into execute to 1Q 2010

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