Encourage the Next Amazing Journey: BESV 10th Anniversary Celebration Special Promotion

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The e-bike brand BESV has entered its tenth year since its launch in 2014. BESV continues to pursue excellence in product research, development and bicycle applications, adhering to the brand's core concepts: Beautiful, Eco-Friendly, Smarter, and Vision. With the user in mind, the most advanced technology is used to create a perfect green-energy, micro-mobility solution: BESV premium e-bikes. Simultaneously, BESV has made its best efforts to be environmentally conscious and practice green mobility. Over the years, BESV has successfully entered different international markets, offering BESV owners around the world the opportunity to Experience Amazing.

Throughout its journey, BESV has pursued design, quality and innovation, creating many amazing products and several industry benchmarks:
The first BESV e-bike, LX1, was launched in 2015, hailed by the Los Angeles Times as "the Maserati of the two-wheel world". LX1 is a fashion symbol that combines strength and beauty, attracting everyone's attention as soon as it takes to the road.
BESV PS1, the first dual-suspended compact e-bike, uses AI to automatically switch on assistant force. This enables simple operation and comfortable riding, setting a new standard for the e-bike riding experience.
Upon its launch, the BESV TRB1 became the e-MTB with the industry's largest battery capacity and ultra-rigid double-tube frame design. The super frame strength and abundant power allow users to conquer and explore any off-road terrain with confidence.
BESV PSF1, is also a first of its kind, unique in having an axial folding design. With its minimized folding size, this design maintains the rigidity of the frame, and presents a restrained and simple aesthetic.
The BESV JR1 is the first e-road bike that integrates biophysical conditions and set training parameters to provide intuitive assistant force.
Designed to achieve safe, aerobic and anaerobic training rides, based on real-time heart rate and training goals, it offers a truly interactive riding experience between the cyclist and bike.
The new BESV LX2 model is the first e-bike that uses AI to achieve fully automatic riding assistance. The riders of this model don't have to worry about how to shift gears and when to switch on assistant force according to different riding intentions or road conditions. It is intuitive and inclusive - everyone can enjoy the beauty of riding.
In addition to these benchmarks, BESV has also received a number of international awards, such as the German Red Dot Design Award, the Japanese Good Design Award, the Taiwan Excellence Award, and the Taipei Cycle d&i awards. BESV promises to continue to devote itself to research, development and innovation to meet the diverse needs of its different markets and users. BESV continues to exist so that more consumers can enjoy a healthy, environmentally-friendly, intelligent, high-quality lifestyle through its e-bikes.

Ten years of success, thanks for giving back
In the next ten years, BESV promises to continue to create more firsts and more amazing experiences for every BESV owner. In order to thank you for participating in BESV's amazing journey so far, this year BESV will launch successive promotional programs to celebrate with you all. BESV invites you to participate in BESV's next amazing journey.

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