University Of Hartford Advances Sustainability Goals With Installation of Fuel Cells from HyAxiom

Source: 4/17/2024, Location: North America

As part of the University of Hartford's sustainability program, the school has partnered with HyAxiom, a leading global fuel cell and hydrogen solutions provider, to install four stationary fuel cells on the southeastern side of the campus.

"We at the University of Hartford are thrilled to see the completion of this exciting project that will result in positive environmental impacts to our campus, surrounding neighborhoods and communities," says University of Hartford Acting President Stephen Mulready. "While we anticipate significant savings in energy costs over the months and years to come, what the fuel cell means in terms of our future sustainability goals is even more exciting," he says.

"We are pleased to partner with the University of Hartford to offer the campus a reliable, sustainable energy solution," says David Alonso, Chief Commercial Officer at HyAxiom. "These power plants will generate clean, affordable energy to the campus," he says.

The power plants are HyAxiom's flagship product, the PureCell® M400, a proprietary phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC)that produces clean energy and heat with a significantly reduced carbon footprint when compared to conventional power plants and can easily be converted to use hydrogen as a fuel. Commissioned in 2020 and recognized globally, the 50 MW (114 units) Daesan hydrogen fuel cell plant in Korea is the world's first and only commercial stationary power plant running solely on hydrogen.

The University's fuel cell units are expected to generate 1.8 MW and will significantly reduce the load on the electrical grid that serves the campus as well as lower the chances of brownouts during times of peak electricity demand. The University also has the option of utilizing the heat byproduct from the units for the nearby East Hall in the future.

With the ability to adjust its power output as demand for electricity fluctuates throughout the day--known as load-following-- HyAxiom's fuel cells have fast become a resilient source of energy mitigating energy capacity and reliability challenges, The low emissions from these fuel cells help to advance air quality and green house gas targets while fitting into existing electrical architecture.

The University of Hartford is embracing the clean energy educational opportunities the fuel cells provide. This summer, students will be able to visit the site to learn more about the alternative energy source and how it relates to the campus sustainability efforts.

This recent fuel cell installation joins the fleet of HyAxiom units operating on campuses throughout Connecticut and the nation as schools look to diversify their energy sources, reduce grid loads increase on-site reliability, and embrace decarbonization. HyAxiom also has fuel cells operating at the University of Connecticut, Western Connecticut State University, Eastern Connecticut State University and Mission College, California.

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