Sarens Supports Construction Of New Gas Storage Terminal On Tahiti

Source: 4/15/2024, Location: Europe

Sarens’ wide-ranging equipment and deep engineering expertise are vital to clients across the globe, from our homebase in Belgium to distant waters on the other side of the world. Most recently, we were on the island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, where Mana Ito S.A. is spearheading a new gas terminal project.

For this pivotal operation, Sarens was entrusted with the load-in, transport, and installation of three 360-tonne gas bullets for the storage of butane, propane, and liquified petroleum gas. We were chosen for this project due to our proven track record successfully engineering and performing complicated, specialised operations like these, and were honoured to form part of the preparation team with the contractor and project owners from the very beginning.

Between mid-October 2023 and mid-January 2024, we safely received, transported, and installed the storage tanks underground at Hitia’a, on the eastern part of the island. To do it, we deployed the following equipment:
48 axle lines SPMTs with 2 PPUs
2 500-tonne capacity turning tables
4 CS250 climbing systems
9-metre linkspans
2 30T mooring winches

The equipment was selected for its compactness, manoeuvrability, and high capacity. It was first transported to Poland, where the gas bullets were manufactured, and shipped along with them on a heavy-lift vessel to Tahiti. The seagoing voyage took 45 days, but it then took only two days to set up the SPMTs and three days for the CS250 climbing systems.

Sarens received the three 360-tonne, 45-metre long gas bullets on the local landing craft mv Tahiti Nui VIII at the temporary quay at Hitia’a. To ensure the success of this operation, meticulous engineering took place for landing craft analysis on ballasting performance, deck strength, and linkspan connection with the quayside. The most critical factors were the landing craft dimensions and loading ramp opening, which provided less than a 5 cm margin of manoeuvrability on each side!

Load-in and transport to the laydown area were all performed on the same day for each bullet. From the quayside, the SPMTs made a tight 90° turn to get onto the public road–a challenging move that was meticulously scrutinised during the engineering phase.

Transport was executed via 48 axle lines Kamag K24 SPMTs with two PPUs, with one SPMT operator and one supervisor ensuring a successful operation. Additional flagmen were supplied by the client and public roads were closed by the police force.

Sarens transported the bullets along local roads to reach the installation area. Private road access to the actual site was an additional challenge, however, because of the longitudinal and transversal road slope. Once finally at the site, each bullet was put onto stools at a temporary storage area.

To install the bullets, Sarens positioned them onto the CS250 jacking system, jacking them down onto their final position in the sandbed.

Because the job site was extremely space-confined, every manoeuvre demanded perfect synchronisation with the civil and mechanical contractor on site. One jacking operator and one supervisor ensured the accuracy and success of this final part of the operation.

Sarens would like to congratulate everyone involved on the completion of this successful, secure, and safe operation!

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