Jackery's Earth Day Review: Assessing the Impact of Collaborating with WWF and More

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On Earth Day, Jackery encourages everyone to read and share World Wildlife Fund (WWF) 's "60 Actions for the Planet". Pay special attention to #5: Electrify your life, and #14: Get out into nature. Incorporating these actions into your daily life can help make a positive impact on the environment. We invite you to explore Jackery's partnership with WWF and other CSR initiatives with us.

Environmental Conservation with WWF
Demonstrating a dedication to wildlife conservation, Jackery announced a collaboration with WWF in June 2023. Their joint efforts focus on protecting black-footed ferrets, an endangered species. Through this partnership, Jackery aims to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding vulnerable wildlife.

The black-footed ferret, once considered extinct in the wild, has faced severe population declines primarily due to habitat loss, disease, and prey scarcity. Jackery and WWF worked together to provide essential and quiet power support for on-the-ground conservation efforts, including vaccination and monitoring activities focused on black-footed ferrets. By leveraging Jackery's expertise in sustainable energy solutions and WWF's extensive conservation experience, the partnership aims to address the complex challenges facing the species and its ecosystem.

Jackery's Compassionate Commitment to Disaster Relief
When deadly tornadoes struck several U.S. states in December 2021, leaving mass destruction and power outages in their wake, Jackery acted extremely swiftly. Launching a dedicated donation initiative, the company supplied crucial electricity, whilst also offering protection against future power outages. The immediate response from Jackery showcased its dedication in providing essential resources during times of crisis.

Recognizing the urgent need for assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Jackery stepped forward once again, in October 2022. By donating solar generators to Lee County and other affected areas in Southwest Florida, Jackery provided essential resources, in order to aid the recovery efforts. This support demonstrated the company's unwavering commitment in helping communities rebuild and thrive, after natural disasters.

Jackery's collaboration with WWF and other CSR activities exemplify their commitment to making a positive impact on society and the environment. By providing essential resources during times of crisis, supporting environmental conservation efforts, and partnering with reputable organizations, Jackery continues to demonstrate its core values in compassion and sustainabillity.

Jackery's commitment for positive change is a daily endeavor, not just on Earth Day. Through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Jackery consistently contributes to environmental protection, disaster relief, and humanitarian support - fulfilling its pledge to transform the world.

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