Eurofins EAG Laboratories Expands Battery Testing Services

Source: 5/13/2024, Location: North America

Eurofins EAG Laboratories, a global leader in materials testing services, is expanding its battery materials testing capabilities with a new purpose-built 6,600 square-foot laboratory located in Sunnyvale, CA. and expanded facilities at its Syracuse, New York laboratory with the addition of 6,500 square-foot of new laboratory space.

Both laboratories further complement Eurofins EAG Laboratories’ extensive testing techniques and capabilities covering over 150 material testing techniques. Eurofins EAG is the only independent battery testing laboratory with ‘turnkey’ materials and failure analysis-based testing capabilities in the United States, addressing materials testing needs throughout the entire battery life cycle, for batteries ranging in size from a coin cell battery to an EV (Electric Vehicle) battery pack. Eurofins EAG Laboratories’ suite of services support battery innovation, time to market, and the improvement of battery quality and reliability.

Notable features of the battery testing laboratories include:

- A dedicated dry room and argon-filled gloveboxes to safely open batteries and diagnose components in as-is conditions.

- Battery cyclers that work with various sizes of batteries to facilitate galvanostatic and potentiostatic cycling tests.

- An air-free transfer system that is connected to an expanding network of services within Eurofins EAG Laboratories.

- Battery tear down services that focus on isolating specific components or materials for characterization.

- Prototype coin cells to test electrode performance.

- Cyro Plasma FIB for large cross-sectioning and compositional analysis of batteries.

- Gas analysis tools to measure gas-forming elements and gases related to batteries and battery components.

Eurofins EAG Laboratories scientists have decades of experience investigating and resolving challenges in the battery industry from the purity of the raw materials to failure analysis. Eurofins EAG Laboratories has a proven track record in delivering multi-disciplinary, problem-solving expertise which accelerates customers’ innovation, ensures the quality and safety of their products, and protects their intellectual property.

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