Siem Offshore is now Sea1 Offshore

Source: 5/14/2024, Location: Not categorized

Siem Offshore has changed to Sea1 Offshore and plans for growth in a promising market.

“A more unified ownership structure will help to set a clearer course for the company”, says Bernt Omdal, CEO of Sea1 Offshore.

The company he leads held a general meeting on Tuesday 7 May, where the decision to change its name from Siem Offshore to Sea1 Offshore was formally made. The name change is a natural consequence of Kristian Siem's withdrawal and leaving the helm to the other owners. A new company logo is now in place.

Omdal assures that both crew, expertise and reputation will be transferred to the new company, even if nine of the company's vessels are taken over by Kristian Siem as part of the transaction.

“Business as usual! We continue to operate all the vessels in our fleet, including the nine that are now owned by Siem. But we have changed the name and are replacing the logos at our offices in Brazil, Australia and Canada, and at the head office in Kristiansand”, says Omdal.

Through almost 20 years of operation, Siem Offshore has built itself up from being an underdog to becoming a leading global offshore shipping company, against which competitors measure themselves. This position will remain intact after the name change.

Omdal believes in further growth, both in the segment and for the company.

"We are witnessing the start of a new upswing. We consider strengthening our fleet with several new construction vessels in order to take a larger part of the market in the offshore energy sector”, says Omdal.

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