Getech Releases White Paper on Helium Exploration and its Synergy with Natural Hydrogen

Source: 6/10/2024, Location: Europe

Getech, a world-leading locator of subsurface resources, has published a white paper on helium exploration. The white paper exams the current market for helium, investigates the geologic systems that produce helium and outlines the synergy between helium and natural hydrogen exploration, highlighting the role that advanced geoscience techniques play predicting prospective locations of these critical resources.

Combining its knowledge of helium’s genetic systems with its Globe geoscience platform, gravity and magnetics database and machine learning analytics, Getech can predict the location of helium deposits in the subsurface. With over 30 years of experience in the hydrocarbon space, Getech is uniquely positioned to map the essential components of natural helium systems, leveraging its understanding of hard-rock source formations and soft-rock reservoir and trapping mechanisms.

Getech has already secured clients looking for this highly valuable resource, including Helium One for whom Getech carried out a multi-phased project to understand the basin geometry over the Balangida and Eyasi prospects in Tanzania. This included identifying lateral changes in basement lithology and conducting 3D inversions of full tensor gradiometry and magnetic data to assess sediment thickness. The advanced analytical workflow designed for Helium One is repeatable and applicable across its entire portfolio.

Helium has important uses across multiple sectors such as medical, electronic, aerospace, nuclear and telecommunications. It cannot be artificially manufactured and is considered a “critical raw material” by many jurisdictions including the USA, EU and Canada. Boston Consulting Group estimates that the global market size is currently 5.0 billion euros (£4.3 billion) and is growing at a CAGR of 5-7.5%. Demand growth is forecasted to outpace supply as almost all demand comes from expanding industries, while supply is limited to a few countries globally.

In parallel, recent years have seen a significant increase in exploration funding for natural hydrogen, as the world seeks economic and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. The production process for geological hydrogen shares similarities with that of natural gas and has the potential to be more cost efficient than other forms of low-carbon hydrogen. Additionally, valuable byproducts like helium can enhance the economic viability of white hydrogen extraction, as even small percentages of helium can be commercially attractive.

Getech is working with several clients to locate natural hydrogen in various geographies. Details of the approach are available in the white paper on white hydrogen exploration here.

As both helium and natural hydrogen can be found in the same reservoirs, Getech offers co-location services to screen for sites prospective for both gases.

Richard Bennett, CEO at Getech,?commented:

“We are pleased to share our latest white paper on helium exploration, which highlights the significant potential of co-locating helium and natural hydrogen resources. At Getech, our advanced geoscience platform and decades of expertise allow us to predict subsurface resource locations with great efficiency. This capability is crucial as the world looks to meet the growing demand for helium, a critical raw material, while also advancing the exploration of natural hydrogen as a sustainable energy source. By integrating our knowledge and innovative technologies, we are uniquely positioned to support the energy transition and enhance the economics of our clients’ projects.”

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