DNV leads global joint industry project to set standards for crucial CO2 flow meter traceability

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 6/12/2024, Location: Europe

DNV is at the forefront of a collaborative effort to establish standards for flow meter traceability along the CO2 value chain, for accurate CO2 measurement in advancing carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS).

As global decarbonization efforts intensify, the success of CCUS projects, such as Porthos, Aramis (Netherlands), Northern Lights (Norway), and Moomba (Australia), hinges on precise measurements and billing for compliance with emissions reduction regulations. Recognizing the importance of this challenge, DNV launched a collaborative industry project in 2022 to conduct a thorough feasibility study on CO2 flow metering.

The study revealed significant gaps in demonstrating compliance with CO2 metrology for the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and other international regulations, and highlighted two significant challenges:
The absence of an officially recognized and traceable standard for measuring CO2 volume under dynamic conditions for gas, liquid, and dense phase CO2
The lack of flow laboratories conducting research and calibrations under the necessary process conditions.
To address these challenges, DNV initiated CO2MET, a joint industry project (JIP) that brings together equipment suppliers, major Transmission
System Operators (TSOs), and Exploration and Production companies (E&P), to establish traceable flow standards crucial for CCUS success.

The JIP is divided into two focused initiatives:
CO2MET Gas: This project, centered around gas applications, is expected to conclude in June 2024.

CO2MET LIQ: Focusing on conditions related to liquid, dense, and supercritical CO2, this project requires the design and construction of a new facility at DNV’s Technology Centre in Groningen to enable the development of traceable flow standards. First results are anticipated by the end of 2024; current participants include Shell, TotalEnergies, Equinor, Gasunie, Santos, Inpex, and Gassco, and new participants are welcome to join.

"As the world advances towards decarbonization, DNV is proud to lead the establishment of essential standards for CO2 metering to ensure the global success of CCUS initiatives. By convening industry stakeholders to develop trusted guidelines, recommended practices, and standards, we ensure the reliable operation of critical assets and systems. This involves setting operational limits and ensuring performance throughout the lifespan of industrial assets," explains Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President & Regional Director Northern Europe, Energy Systems at DNV.

"TotalEnergies has long adhered to stringent regulatory practices in flow measurement. From the earliest CCUS projects, addressing the lack of traceable flow standards became crucial for us. Thanks to current and future facilities, the CCUS industry will offer the best guarantees of being able to meet the specific European regulation on CO2 flow metering (Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) N° 2066/2018)”, say Gérard Mouton, Metering Engineer at TotalEnergies, and Rune Teigland, Transverse coordinator architecture studies on CCS at TotalEnergies.

“DNV’s Technology Centre in Groningen plays a pivotal role in tackling the challenges of CO2 flow metrology to advance projects related to CCUS, adds Rene Bahlmann, Head of Section for DNV's Technology Centre Groningen, Energy Systems at DNV. “The facility is part of a network of Technology Centres that leverage our century-old experience in the maritime and energy sectors and combine deep industrial expertise with test capabilities to qualify and apply advanced technologies, thus driving innovation and standardization".

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