Water Jet Technology Ideal for Undersea Operations

Source: www.gulfoilandgas.com 12/16/2010, Location: North America

Water jet technology companies Jet Edge and Chukar Waterjet will showcase the latest innovations in portable and undersea ultra-high pressure water jet cutting and water blasting technology at Underwater Intervention, Feb. 22-24 in New Orleans.

As leaders in the ultra-high pressure waterjet industry, waterjet manufacturer Jet Edge and its applications partner Chukar Waterjet have developed numerous water jetting tools crucial to the underwater operations, workboat and shipyard industries, including undersea waterjetting equipment, portable water jet cutting machines, precision water jet cutting systems, ultra-high pressure water blasting tools, and electric and diesel-powered water jet intensifier pumps. Most recently, in emergency response to the Gulf oil spill, the two companies partnered to develop the first-known waterjet intensifier pump capable of operating at depths below 5,000 feet. BP used the subsea waterjetting system to blast away hydrates that were clogging a containment system.

During Underwater Intervention, Jet Edge and Chukar will display several water jet tools that are ideal for use in environmentally sensitive marine environments or potentially hazardous areas, including the Jet Edge Hydraulic Versacutter portable linear and pipe cutting system; Gyra Jet LP ultra-high pressure lance for surface preparation, coating and corrosion removal; Ultra Deckblaster walk-behind deck blasting system for removing coatings and corrosion; and the 80hp 60,000 psi iP60-80DS diesel-powered portable water jet intensifier pump. Technical experts from Jet Edge and Chukar Waterjet will be available to answer questions about water jet applications.

Commercialization Partner Sought for Subsea Waterjet Equipment

Jet Edge and Chukar Waterjet are seeking an existing underwater operations technology company with which they can partner to bring their undersea waterjetting equipment to the commercial market.

Water Jet Equipment on Display at Underwater Intervention:

Jet Edge iP60-80DS Diesel-Powered Waterjet Intensifier Pump

Jet Edge’s iP60-80DS diesel-powered water jet pump is capable of producing up to 1.35 gpm (5.1 L/m) of ultra-high pressure water for mobile water jet cutting applications, and is especially suited for cold cutting in environments where heat and flames are restricted. The iP60-80DS is powered by a reliable four-cylinder Cummins turbocharged diesel engine and is designed for portability and ease of maintenance. A 36,000 psi conversion kit is available.

Hydraulic Versacutter

Jet Edge’s Hydraulic Versacutter is a portable abrasivejet cutting and beveling system. Rigid and flexible tracks allow the Hydraulic Versacutter to operate on flat or curved surfaces. The system is used in a variety of cutting applications including pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. It is especially suited for cutting in hazardous zones where flames and heat are restricted. It is powered by a Jet Edge water jet intensifier pump.

Gyra Jet LP

Jet Edge’s Gyra Jet LP is a rotating hand-held water blasting tool that directs up to 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) UHP water for water jet surface preparation, industrial cleaning, coating removal, and concrete demolition. Typical applications are removal of damaged surfaces, preparation for recoating or painting, and stripping corrosion and over-spray. The Gyra Jet uses much less water than a typical pressure washer and, unlike sandblasting, it does not create hazardous airborne dust. It is powered by a Jet Edge water jet intensifier pump.

Ultra Deckblaster

Jet Edge’s Ultra Deckblaster is specifically designed for ultra-high pressure (UHP) waterjet surface preparation, water jet coating removal, and light scarification on flat surfaces such as ship decks. The self-propelled Ultra Deckblaster waterjetting machine operates at pressures up to 55,000 psi (3,800 bar). The Ultra Deckblaster also removes accumulated spillage such as grease, oil and overspray. The Ultra Deckblaster can be connected to an industrial vacuum system to contain waste water, an important consideration in sensitive marine environments. It is powered by a Jet Edge water jet intensifier pump.

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