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44 Countries Taking Part in Tehran Oil Show

Source: 4/14/2012, Location: Asia

The press center of the Oil Show quoted the manager of the exhibition, Issaq Royvar, as saying 1255 companies have registered for taking part in the exhibition of which 940 companies are Iranians and 315 others coming from other countries implying neglecting sanctions and pressures against Iran’s oil industry.

Royvar said the while as an annual tradition the exhibition will present the latest achievements in oil and gas industry and will try to prepare ground for closer connection between domestic and foreign oil companies, this year it plans to concentrate its programs on promoting local manufacturers capabilities.

According to the official, oil companies form 44 countries are present at the exhibition including companies from Australia, Austria, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, England, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, India, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco , Malaysia, Mongolia, Mexico, Nigeria Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Sudan, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, United States of America, United Arab Emirates and Zambia.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the exhibition’s manager said that a one-day conference would be held on the sidelines of the exhibition on “Promotion of Domestically Manufacturing With Reliance On National Labor And Capital” adding ‘the expertise conference will be held under the aegis of the Research and Technology Department of the petroleum ministry and scientific and research centers of domestic universities. He went on to say that the conference will include four panels including oil industry and international trade, commercialization of oil industry technologies and bolstering domestic capabilities, optimizing the structures and ways of attracting financial resources in a bid to develop oil industry and the perspective of oil industry with regard to reliance on national labor and capital.

‘For the first time a stand has been set up in the exhibition titled ‘Self-Sufficiency Jihad’ which will present domestically made parts and equipments where local manufacturers can get more information on oil industry needs which has been presented in the form of brochures, posters and books, displaying oil industry parts and holding specialized panels’ Royvar noted.

He also stated that for better knowledge on oil industry needs, six specialized panels have been set up including precise tools, mechanical and well bore equipments, petrochemical materials, rotating machines, general items and investment and technology.

During the exhibition, there will be some briefing sessions and news conferences which have already started and will be continued during the exhibition. Live radio and television programs through IRIB’s channel 1 and 4, Press TV, Alalam channel, IRIB news channel and Economic Radio are among the other media programs.

Tehran oil show kicks off 16th April and will run for four days. The exhibition will be open to public since 17th April from 9 a.m to 4 p.m.

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