Chile's Enap Plans to Invest $800 m per Year to 2020

Source: 9/4/2014, Location: South America

The Board of the National Oil Company approved 2014-2025 Strategic Plan presented by Management company headed by Marcelo Tokman , General Manager of ENAP. It is a plan that defines a strategy of aggressive business and long-term vision, enabling sustainable growth for ENAP, aiming to strengthen its contribution to the country, through a leading role in the Agenda of Energy by the Government last May.

The plan submitted by Marcelo Tokman to the board of ENAP includes specific goals, with investment amounts and years of implementation clearly defined, including its three business lines: Exploration and Production (E & P); Refining and Marketing (R & C); and Gas and Power (G & E). The latter is the management Tokman created during the administration to realize the role of ENAP in energy.

The Strategic Plan 2014-2025 ENAP, provides an aggressive investment plan in its three lines of business, improving its financial indicators and the development of projects that promote natural gas, geothermal, and the increased capacity and performance of its refineries to increase their ability to deliver fuel to the country.

The General Manager of ENAP, Marcelo Tokman said that to strengthen ENAP and allow its potential as a strategic deployment company, becoming a key player in the energy development in Chile, is required to strengthen it and give continuity to their plans and projects.

"It is possible that each time they have political changes have to rethink the role of business and strategic objectives. So we have defined a strategy with a long-term thinking at ENAP in the coming decades, "said the chief executive of the state.

The main aspects of this new strategy is developed for ENAP intensive investment plan costs around $ 800 million annually, which will successfully undertake the ambitious development plan for the coming years. In the past five years, the average investment in the state firm was $ 286 million.

Regarding this issue, Tokman said that "in recent years just ENAP investments financed the maintenance of the company. So we have established an aggressive strategy and to permit further investment, growth and results expected of a public company such as ENAP, "said General Manager of ENAP.

This will be accompanied by a plan to improve the performance of the company's financial, operating income increased and strengthened its financial ratios.

Thus, the Strategic Plan proposes doubling EBITDA ENAP through 2019, reaching USD 1,450 million, compared with $ 678 million earned in 2013.

The 2014-2025 Strategic Plan consists of 7 key areas:

I. Promote the Exploration and Production business of oil and natural gas in Magallanes . "Our commitment is to assume the goal to supply our own production 100% of the demand in the region of Magallanes, catering to more than 37,500 households in a sustainable way for 20 years," said Marcelo Tokman. It also proposes to ncreasing over 100% in the production of hydrocarbons to 2020 (15,000 BOE in 2014 to 32,000 BOE in 2020); this in order to make the business sustainable in the long term . 's strategy also includes further evaluate the potential of unconventional hydrocarbons to explore and develop such sites.

II. Strengthen stability and security of supply of refined fuels. For this, ENAP increase the capacity of oil refining, implementing operational improvements and continuing political risk mitigation, operational as well as commercial and financial in their business R & C. Tokman said that "modernize and expand the capacity of our refineries in Concon (Fifth Region) and Hualpén (Eighth Region) to increase production of higher-value fuels and to continue supplying fully the growing demand for gasoline."

III. Support to the use of natural gas in the matrix, both for electricity generation and residential consumption. "Like ENAP, we want to contribute to the expansion of the supply of the electricity market, encouraging the development of generation projects based on natural gas, and collaborating increasing the supply of natural gas in cities with air pollution problems, "said General Manager of ENAP.

Our goal, he added, "is to provide 940 MW to the energy mix by 2025." To do this, ENAP boost capacity expansion Quintero regasification 20 million cubic meters (million m3).

ENAP Strategy 2014-2025 also aims to promote other energy sources, with the aim of diversifying the array. To do this, ENAP build the first geothermal power plant in South America, demonstrating the potential of geothermal energy in Chile.

IV. Security: We will strengthen the security of operations, improving our accident rates . "Our strategy should enable us to achieve it by 2018 lines near those large companies globally," he said.

V. Environment and Communities : This is one of the key issues that the administration intends to promote Tokman. According to the executive, it is crucial to have the license of the community for the development of the operations of the company. "ENAP must be a contribution and set high levels of environmental protection. So we'll worry about the contribution our work makes to the various communities, developing social investment projects and mitigation of the environmental impact of over $ 400 million. "

VI. Energy Efficiency in all company processes: As part of the Strategy 2014-2025, ENAP Administration include mechanisms for energy efficiency in all production processes in its three business lines. This will include promoting the development of the supply chain, making production processes more efficient, as well as the search for energy efficiency initiatives.

VII. Organizational Development : In this new strategy for ENAP, workers and workers play a key role in its successful implementation. The company is implementing a plan to strengthen the human resources management, including the implementation of a model of labor relations.

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