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ENEO Pipeline Installation & Genset Update

Source: 3/9/2015, Location: Africa

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc announces that Gaz du Cameroun S.A. ("GDC"), its wholly owned subsidiary, has issued completion certificates to ENEO Cameroon S.A. ("ENEO"), Cameroon's power utility company, for all pipeline construction work and pressure reduction and metering stations (“PRMS”) at both the Logbaba and Bassa power stations located in the port-city of Douala, Cameroon.

The work has been completed ahead of the scheduled 15 March 2015 target date and GDC is ready to connect to the gas-fired electricity generations sets (“Gensets”) that are being installed by equipment partner, Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Projects DWC-LLC ("Altaaqa").

Approximately 1.4km of 400mm diameter pipeline was connected from the Magzi - Bassa valve station, of which 1.3km was open trenching and 100m horizontal directional drilling. Traffic management was the most challenging aspect of this work as the Logbaba road forms part of the main arterial route from Logbaba into the city of Douala. The two PRMS units, each weighing 5 tonnes, were supplied, assembled and tested by ELSTER UK, while all special components and instrumentation were engineered from ELSTER Germany.

The pipeline pressure tests, consisting of hydrostatic tests (10.5 bar for 2 hours) and pneumatic tests (7 bar for 5 days) were successfully completed and certified by Veritas. The pipeline is now “gassed up” and ready for delivery of gas. The completion of these milestones confirms that GDC has met all of its contractual responsibilities under the Construction Term Sheet signed by GDC and ENEO on 29 December 2014.

Twenty two Gensets with a combined net capacity of 28.6MW for the project have arrived and been cleared through Cameroon Customs by Altaaqa and ENEO at Douala Port. Sixteen of these Gensets (20.8 MW) are now onsite at the Bassa power station and six units (7.8 MW) at the Logbaba power station for installation by Altaaqa. The remaining seventeen Gensets (22.1 MW), are scheduled to arrive in Douala on 15 March 2015 and will be installed at Logbaba station. Target completion date for installation and commissioning of the total 50MW remains the end of March 2015.

Kevin Foo, Executive Chairman, said: “I am very pleased to announce GDC has completed construction of the gas pipelines and metering plant to the Logbaba and Bassa Power Stations, ahead of schedule. This is a significant milestone for us and represents the final step prior to actual delivery of gas to the power stations. I thank every member of our team who contributed to this effort. We look forward to the installation of the Gensets by Altaaqa and being online by the end of the month.”

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