SOR Releases Three New Valve and Controller Products

Source: 12/18/2015, Location: North America

SOR Inc. is introducing three new valve and controller products to their comprehensive measurement and control line of instrumentation – 1450 close-coupled control valve, 1451 “freezeless” control valve and 1600 series liquid level controller. The 1400 series control valves and 1600 series level controllers are designed to operate in tandem to detect and control liquid level inside a tank or vessel for several common applications in the oil and gas industry – controlling level on 2 or 3 phase gas separators, gas dehydrators, compressors, scrubbers, heater treaters and well test systems.

“These products fit perfectly with upstream oil and gas applications and have tremendous synergy with the SOR 1500 series level switches. A typical application will use all three products as a part of an equipment package,” said David Nunez, SOR Level & Flow Product Engineer.

SOR valves and controllers are available with standard 2-week delivery or expedited delivery upon request – and, like all SOR products, they are engineered to order with off-the-shelf speed.

The 1600 series liquid level controllers use a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level, making it the ideal instrument to measure changing liquid interface applications. The reliability of this design makes it well suited for liquid level applications in natural gas production, compression, and processing. The device delivers a pneumatic output signal designed to operate a control valve. By continually sensing the liquid level and providing a continual signal, the controller maintains liquid level between two setpoints.

Level control can be difficult with several different liquids all being separated in one tank. The SOR 1600 series level controllers provide an excellent solution to interface measurement with field adjustable deadbands. The 1600 series is the ideal solution to measure interface in control systems.

Left and right handed configurations are available with additional options including reverse and direct action, sealed housing and high vibration. No special tools are required for field repairs or replacement pilots making it easy to maintain.

SOR 1400 series control valves are pneumatically controlled valves designed to fail either open or close upon loss of the pneumatic input signal. This allows for the valve to be configured for a wide range of applications such as fluid level control in gas scrubbers, separators and other process pressure vessels.

The SOR 1451 control valve provides superior performance in one of the smallest footprints in the industry. With the traditional “pancake style” design, the 1451 can be applied to applications where space is the limiting factor without sacrificing performance.

Valves from SOR are easy to maintain, field repairable and have replaceable trim with no special tools required. Reverse and direct acting options are available and valves can be upgraded to meet NACE and high temperature ratings.

Our level controllers and dump valves are designed to control the liquid level within a vessel typically in the upstream and midstream oil and gas market segment. There are several different configurations that we manufacture depending on the applications required and our intent is to provide a quality product at a reasonable price point with superior customer service for these applications.

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